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User Info A Series of Questions, Vis-a-Vis Covid-19; entered at 2021-01-31 18:02:18
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Registered: 2020-02-07 Ohio
Good article, however logic is not coming back nor will it ever. Why you might ask?

Simply because all of the companies especially retailers are heavily invested in this shit! From signage to expensive audio propaganda basting over the sound system and of course bullshit "training" videos for the workers!

You got that? Or do you by now still don't know what it means?

Okay, time to put down your echo Chambers and realize that yes assholes, it does turn out that big time retailers have tons of control over your asses and you don't even have to work there!

They set the trends and standards via business practices, so that small shop will have to follow suit oh and your "health department" will help see to it!

Yes sir you don't work retail and thus you think it doesn't effect you! Well then mr and mrs asshole what will you do when your job does indeed require that you get the jab? And don't be too sure it's not going to happen!

After all dollar general was requiring it for all pee ons and above they said they will pay employees 4 hours worth of work to get the jab! But now they say they're not going to require the jab!

However many companies have firmer hands and will end up requiring the jab!
It's going to work place required at some point if not in 3 months perhaps 6 months or perhaps a few years if not rona it'll be the next big thing, but it's coming to a work place near you dinner than you may think!

Hey it would be great if it would cause a general strike from coast to coast, perhaps then we really could live upto the big myth that mericans are tough and don't take shit! Perhaps we won't have to sit in our red white and blue prison cells watching europe strike and fight back!

While we also gather round and worship those in government costumes ignoring that those are the very Fucks the government will send in after us!

Yeah continue to support those troops and those cops I bet you'll be able to go on being a federal reserve puppet while job worshiping and doing all for the beloved corporate cocks!

I bet you too will always be deemed essential! Yes buddy they love you and care about you that's why they want you to wear a mask in the store!!

They even said so over the sound system! They care about you workers and customers, they only have your well-being on their mind!

Oh I bet where you work they just adore you and wanna make sure you're all safe their requirements are there for your own good!!

Dr fauci and others in the 80's and 90's told us all to wear a condom, meanwhile in 10th grade sex Ed... it was revealed the condoms are practically useless particularly for disease because they "protect" only the area that's covered is the shaft so no point in wearing a balloon on your dick enjoy what's natural and the hell with it...

Yes your corporate loons listen to Dr fauci and other tards on the topic!

You want the internet and phone plus electric and gas... You want and need but by law if you have kids you must have gas and electric or they take your kids...

You want a car, some pussy perhaps man meat if you're a woman or you go that way... You want and need to the tune you can't and won't walk away from this shit bag controlled costly false life chasing after not enough money bowing to corporate cocks!!

Most of you will choose the system over freedom any day because you need the TV and internet you crave it, you crave the mindnumbing sweet voices telling how much better everything will be with their products in your hands!

You've become scared about homelessness the fear porn has gotten to you and you think walking away from the system means homelessness and that homelessness equals drug users!

You are ingrained into the system that you are superficial to the point of ignoring life and living on the surface with material things and shallow thoughts and feelings!

You need the system! You won't ever leave it! It's not really America anymore, it's just made to look like it!

Sleep just sleep it's all you can do in jail from what I've been told! You can dream about being the great American fighters you are not, you can dream about fighting those evil forces and making a stand for America but you can't do it in real life!

Let's get some more corporate goop and continue jerking off!

Let's Nick name the evil monster corpy, perhaps corpy won't be angry if we just comply, corpy will give us rewards like badges for doing the "right thing" and doing the Corps bidding!

Board of this life? You don't want to help n serve corpy? Well then join the others and off yourself, one less depressed or showing they are depressed person!

Corpy only gives and gives and does it for you and your wellbeing! Your just being a brat or you don't really want to work and that's why you resist the jab as you say!

Corpy says we should refer to it as a vaccine and or shot, not the jab!
Corpy doesn't like being mocked when corpy is only trying to help make the world ybetter place!

Remember when corpy is upset your family could pay for that, so watch your actions, no one is responsible for you but you, you need to control yourself and comply with corpy!

Don't make your family suffer, just comply corpy will treat you good and fair!

2021-01-31 18:02:18