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User Info A Series of Questions, Vis-a-Vis Covid-19; entered at 2021-01-31 10:55:52
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Nice to actually read some logic and questions versus the ignorance and fear mongering. The media has sure convinced a lot of people of a plethora of unscientific information.

Was on a call Friday with my CFO and VP as well as some key Directors - all they kept saying was why cant people just wear masks? The people not wearing them dont believe in science - and they dont respect others. Can you believe people are walking around outside without masks??? 🤦‍♂️ Needless to say I said nothing but as they were laying out their fact-less points, I had points that could refute everything they said. And these are the people making policy and other important decisions without having really read any of the science themselves.
2021-01-31 10:55:52