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User Info 2020-11-28 Calling BS; entered at 2020-11-29 10:43:58
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We knew full well in February and early March that if we did not adopt a sanitarium model for nursing homes and hospitals there was no meaningful way to stop it in those facilities. If you recall I predicted the Minnesota blowup two weeks before it happened when a HUGE percentage of all cases, which were very few in absolute number, were in hospital workers. I said they would get ****ed in about 10 days or so -- and they did.

But even so the only real "excess" death that has occurred happened in the first couple of months when certain governors literally crammed nursing homes full of sick people and inoculated everyone else in the building. That's insane, but its what happened, and we've spent the last eight months trying to bury the evidence because otherwise you have a mass-manslaughter event that by any reasonable measure should result in 20,000+ manslaughter charges laid on Cuomo, Witmer, Wolf and other. Even worse is that in PA in particular they knew it as their "health director" pulled h{is/er/its} own mother out of a nursing home to prevent her from being killed by that evil ****'s own policy pronouncements.

We're STILL doing a **** job of it in that we continue to refuse to adopt a sanitarium model for those locations and people. That's flat-out nuts but the reason we're refusing is that doing so for infectious disease is both obvious and points back to the general incapacity to control infections in nursing homes and similar that has gone on for a long time; those are basically cages where people get sent to die, and not die nicely either.

Fixing that should have occurred decades ago but nobody's going to go anywhere near it. If you do then a material part of the edifice of fraud in health care comes down around their ears and there's too much money being made.
2020-11-29 10:43:58