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User Info 2020-11-28 Calling BS; entered at 2020-11-28 17:55:08
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Registered: 2020-03-17
Social Security payment numbers prove Covic-19 deaths are not raising the overall total number of deaths this year when averaged over the last five years.

The government "does not" pay out Social Security to dead people, therefore using these numbers from the government, to obtain a true total death rate, shields them from being altered.

This 2.5 minute video uses the government's own numbers, the Social Security payments, to prove the Covid-19 deaths are not raising the "average total number of deaths".

Even though the deaths are being falsified and counted as a Covid-19 death, making the other major causes of death columns to be below average, the total number of deaths not rising proves out the fraud being committed with the lies concerning higher than normal death rate, and is being used to destroy the economy and the country.

A) Heart disease
B) Cancer
C) Pneumonia (Flu)
D) Covid-19

You can stack the "D" column with Covid-19 deaths when it was really an A, B or C column death all you want, but when the end of the year total death rate from "ALL" causes remains within the average over five years, then you simply have proven Covid-19 is no more deadly than the flu, and we never have shut down the economy and cities, and locked people in their homes just over the yearly flu.

Spread this short 2.5 minute video far and wide, so the citizens can see the simple and hard factual evidence, and start to push back in a major way.

This video proves Covid-19 is no worse than the Flu. All Governors and Mayors are committing Treason with their unconstitutional mandates, and are enemy combatants to the nation for the deaths and economic damage they are creating and responsible for.
2020-11-28 17:55:08