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User Info 2020-11-28 Calling BS; entered at 2020-11-28 13:01:21
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Whitehat wrote..
In my family i was responsible for arranging care of the deceased much like you did in your family Karl. At least in the NY Metro area funeral directors are required to notify the Social Security Administration, and they do this immediately, prior to any action on the part of the health department processing the death certificates. It is actually amazing how an extra payment to the deceased's bank account is instantly rescinded once SSA gets the report.

No kidding. My mother died in 2019. As you wrote, the funeral director notified SSA of her passing. We found out the hard way that if the deceased isn't alive for every last minute of the month that SSA will crawl back the last payment. Mom died on the morning of April 30, the last day of the month. I got her next bank statement and SSA had already grabbed the April payment back.
2020-11-28 13:01:21