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User Info 2020-11-28 Calling BS; entered at 2020-11-28 12:56:13
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the two last deaths in 2015, i was not in the greatest state. was still watching things so no issues, but had to TELL banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, pension providers, every financial entity involved without exception that they were dead. The only thing that i verified in the first days was SSA and called a pension administrator and left the rest on the back burner for a while as in many months. Neither owed any money or had problems, but their accounts and charge cards all worked until i pulled the lever.

This has been my experience in NY for as long as i can remember. It is why i started the credit bureau inform. It seems that financial entities here do not monitor the database. It is common advice from attorneys to leave things function regarding such for the convenience of families putting affairs in order. I never agreed with this advice. Probably if i never said anything, could have used mom's credit cards and paid them for years. Funny thing is two years AFTER i told the credit bureaus, a major national bank sent a letter that her credit card was being inactivated due to lack of use. Forgot that she had an account with that bank, later found the card, of course zero balance. Obviously this financial institution does not monitor the credit bureau data either.

2020-11-28 12:56:13