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User Info 2020-11-28 Calling BS; entered at 2020-11-28 12:35:24
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I actually had the letter from SSA in my mailbox, with a postmark THE DAY AFTER my mother passed, literally before the funeral home had retrieved the body!

wow, never heard of that, must be that her state is electronically reporting.

In all of the deaths that i cared for in my family i never got a letter. Usually i called the SSA main number just to verify the status and take care of other things. They always knew before i called and told me that the funeral director reported the death not the health department. NYC what does one expect.

If it helps anyone, for years i always sent a letter and certified copy of the death certificate to the major credit bureaus. Prevents a lot of problems and many attorneys liked my idea and started to do the same.
2020-11-28 12:35:24