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User Info No, It's Not Going Away; entered at 2020-04-09 12:53:06
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Registered: 2015-05-03 Vancouver WA
HappyTrails -
You talk about the collapse of the healthcare system, Im convinced it already has occurred...

I am sorry to hear about your relative and hope he finds the help he needs.

People should take this as a warning: All Eyes On Corona Virus. NOTHING else matters at the moment and into the unforeseeable future.

But sadly they won't, they will continue to eat, get into bad debt, make continued poor life's choices and force those who have spent the last few years trying to Social Distance from the likes of them, to carry their burden. And our government will continue it's attempt to force us to carry the load for these peoples bad choices.

I can not speak for other parts of the country, but in this part frozen pizzas, canned foods, pastas, and other carb laden foods have been flying off the store shelves. School kids are just now learning the spring 2020 classes are not going to happen. Kids are "required" to stay in doors. Parents who are already stretched are now living in fear of corona virus while still taking care of their kids every day.

Karl gets NO argument from me on his well thought out and proper "Social Distancing" platform. YOU protect YOU, the rest of us will help out by being polite in society. But shutting down the entire economy for an illness all the experts say "Everyone is going to get" is insane and the rest of the world should not be forced to pay the price for 1) A large portions of deaths being related to co-morbidity 2) You are fortunate enuff to have your "Use By" date go past 7 decades.

Karl has (is) been spot on about what you (consistently)put in your pie hole affecting your over all health.

Karl is (has) been correct in calling out how America has taken on too much leveraged debt and not just our governments and large companies, but also The People who have for years been sold payments on every item they consume.

Because many of the government programs to stop the spread of corona virus will fail and fail bigly, there is a more than fair chance this virus will come back in the fall. And what might it bring with it this time? TB, staph, pneumonia, something we have never seen before?

Business shutting down, underemployment skyrocketing, an unsettling layer of hopelessness, not being able to plan for next week never mind two months, parents struggling to keep a roof over their kids head, while trying to keep them safe and indoors and socially isolated. And getting those children to eat non-carb based foods. Good Luck.

The longer this insane economic shut down goes on the more people will stay in doors, eat and eat and eat...Nothing good. Will be afraid to socialize and people who would benefit from actual medical care, like Happytrails relative will be denied.

Anybody who has read Market-Ticker for any length of time will know Karl cares, he cares about the financial, emotional and physical well being of his fellow American's and the world as a whole. You do not write a book like Leverage, maintain and upkeep a forum (Market-Ticker) and continue to get the word out about taking charge of your own life by taking responsibility for your own actions, if you do not care.

The sad truth is most people find it easier to believe the lies and to listen to people who have proven they want to financially******you.

The vast majority of Americans will continue to eat their jelly donuts, drink in excess and take on more unneeded debt, while blaming YOU for not doing enuff. And our big banks, medical professionals and policy makers will continue to try and FORCE you to help those people out. And if corona virus pops up again in the fall we will have many more fat, lazy and apathetic people who may be faced with a harsher than normal virus season.

If you have been reading Market-Ticker for any length of time you will know much of what Karl has been saying over the years is unfolding itself right in front of you. It may not be happening in the way he prescribed or the way you thought it would, But it is happening.

Please take the actions YOU need to protect yourself and your family. Fauchi ain't going to do it for you.
2020-04-09 12:53:06