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User Info The Bill To Fix Health Care - Permanently; entered at 2017-04-03 20:23:48
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A recent Gallup survey gives an interesting perspective on the issues of greatest concern based on household income.

Summarizing the top issues for the three income categories:
Less than $30k
1. Hunger/Homelessness (67%)
2. Crime/Violence (65%)
3. Healthcare (62%)

$30k to $74.9k
1. Healthcare (60%)
2. Economy (54%)
3. Crime/Violence (52%)

1. Healthcare (49%)
2. Budget deficit (46%)
3. Economy (44%)

There are several interesting things that can be pulled from the results. First, Trinityalpsgal, I note that healthcare is in the top 3 for all income groups, so any document explaining Karl's bill will hit that concern. Second, any explanation that shows how households will end up with more money due to the drop in costs will address the number 1 concern for the under $30k households. The economy would suffer short term, but the end result would be much better. (Would it be possible to tie up the Fed and stuff them in a closet for a couple years to keep them from "managing" the economy during that time?)

About the only thing that the bill wouldn't directly address is crime/violence. Short term, that, too, would probably get worse.

Changing topics, I went looking for more glucose test strips on Amazon and couldn't find them for my meter (True Result). A little internet searching revealed that the meter had been discontinued due to inaccuracy. Any recommendations for a new meter?
2017-04-03 20:23:48