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User Info The Bill To Fix Health Care - Permanently; entered at 2017-04-03 14:44:03
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Registered: 2017-04-03
Mr. Denninger is the first voice I've found whose fix for healthcare is exactly what I've been saying to everyone who'll stand still long enough to hear. Pricing transparency and the same price for everyone along with freedom of choice. Medical care used to be affordable for the vast majority of people. I track the pricing craziness to when co-pays and HMO's started which allowed the true billing cost to be hidden.

I'm old enough to remember paying for a doctor's visit on the way out of the doctor's office (and knowing the price before I made the appointment). And then paying the total cost at the pharmacy if I had a prescription filled. I also remember calling different doctor's offices and pharmacies to check prices because there were differences. That meant the cost of office visits and drugs had to be low enough for most people to afford to write a check. That went a long way toward keeping prices sensible. My 80/20 plan with a deductible then required I submit paperwork with the bills and wait for reimbursement. Some antibiotics were so cheap I didn't even bother.

I have a son with an autoimmune disorder - the drug that keeps him in good health costs $4500 every 6 weeks. Most people think that means I'm all in for single-payer but I'm adamantly opposed. I've read the internet enough to know that the rosy stories from Europe are more fairy tale than truth. The best care for my son would be under a system with price transparency, no cost shifting that makes the drug $4500 in the U.S. and much cheaper elsewhere. I also want choice because that's how I find the really good doctors who can diagnose and treat with the best mix of reward vs. risk. I've been in enough doctor's offices to know the range of competence among MD's is vast. I had no idea that a mom with an internet connection could be more knowledgeable about drugs and treatments than practicing MDs but sadly I've found it to be all too common.

Fear is what's holding this country back from torches and pitchforks. People think they'll die without their little, pricey pill when what they really need is to lose 20 pounds and go for a walk. Or, in my son's case, without insurance they'll be unable to afford the drug that gives them a quality life. Nobody is asking why things cost what they cost even when they see they've just been billed $20 for an aspirin.

This country is in a dreadful mess and most people advocate making it worse. We need to hand people their lives back and tell them to wise up and start making their own decisions. I'm dismayed by how many people don't want to do that.
2017-04-03 14:44:03