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User Info The Bill To Fix Health Care - Permanently; entered at 2017-04-03 09:10:09
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"A simple one/two page overview that makes a case for itself in a logical progression for maximum comprehension."

This is what I have also been thinking needs to happen for Karl's message to gain traction. An "executive summary" , if you will. Our host is excellent at fleshing out the Issue and its solutions regarding health care, but the gist of his message sometimes gets lost in the depth of his ideas. Trinity, I applaud you for stepping up, and I hope you are successful in pushing Karl's efforts out the door through the use of a concise marketing / Action plan.
Let me add, IMHO if you are trying to market this plan of action to gain support from our elected officials, the "blowing up of the federal and states budget" would likely be an effective angle. However, if a more grassroots approach is favored, the general public is not likely to give a rats ass whose budget is blown to smithereens unless it is their own. The difficulty for the average Joe to draw a straight line between the government's fiscal demise, and his own needs to be overcome if this is to gain wide-spread support.
Most likely, a two-pronged approach is needed concurrently: State and Federal representatives > shown a path forward to fiscal survival and economic vitality, Joe - public > shown path forward to health care cost transparency, lower insurance premiums, lower complexity and costs overall regarding health care.

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