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User Info The Bill To Fix Health Care - Permanently; entered at 2017-04-01 15:23:16
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Registered: 2017-03-31 SoCal - LA
Thanks to everyone who responded to my post on why a single payer system is the answer instead of a whole bunch of incredibly complicated legislation and new regulations to straighten out what I believe is a irreparably flawed and criminal system.

I found it interesting that while many critized my post on a basis of all "shouty caps" communism (!) and specious arguments regardinh costs (Norway delivers superior healthcare outcomes for half the cost with their single-payer system and people like it) not one single person addressed the main thrust of my argument which was while Mr. Denninger's policy prescriptions are all very good indeed the implementation of such policy will require a large, very tough and very toothy new regulator with the political will and strength to declare war on a nearly 4 trillion dollar criminal enterprise. For a bunch of free-market, antigovernment right wingers you guys have a heck of a lot of faith in government! In a country where the Supreme Court has ruled unlimited money in politics is legal because money = free speech what exactly prevents a 3.8 trillion and growing criminal mafia from subverting the laws in a short amount of time and suborning the regulators? Anyone?

To everyone who attempted to straw man my argument with cost concerns and saying I dismissed Karl's cost constraining measures- allow me to clarify: I did not. I thought it went without saying a Nordic-like single payer system would of course contain all of the sane and necessary cost saving mechanisms like allowing the single payer - the US government - to negotiate favorable prescription drug prices just like the rest of the world. The Bush era brand name prescription drug benefit would be gone (generics are fine) and yes of course the PBMs would be gone. All of the parasitic, rentier, toll booth capitalists that drive up healthcare costs, provide zero service, and attempt to insert themselves between Americans and their doctors would be gone. And again, cost- go look it up yourself if you don't believe Karl or me. Norway delivers a superior product (healthcare not health insurance - huge difference) for half the cost with s single payer model. I believe it is the only solution due to the real world issues with implementing Karl's reform. With enough money and motivation I suppose any wrecked car can be fixed but sometimes it just makes way more sense to call it "totaled" and get a new car. The wreck is really bad, multiple attempts to salvage it have failed. There's not much else that makes sense at this point.
2017-04-01 15:23:16