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User Info The Bill To Fix Health Care - Permanently; entered at 2017-03-30 23:11:43
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Registered: 2017-03-30 Weaverville, CA
@Dennisglover re:

Enforce the Rule of Law. Pursue it relentlessly. Embrace it. Follow through.

Agree that this would be the most direct path to undoing all that is in place. There are people who can wrap their minds around it (and fight for it) but my guess is that they are the minority.

However, Karl points out a realistic first step. Start by making a case for what PERNAMENT healthcare would look like and for what it would cost. Then present the plan for how we get there. Unless folks understand where we're going - what's possible - they are not capable of supporting a full-blown tear down.

Once the case for Permanent HC is made and accepted you must insure that the obstacles are eliminated - PERNAMENTLY. So you follow your prescription and Enforce the Rule of Law. It gets done as a component in support of Permanent HC strategy and not as a stand-alone tactic.
2017-03-30 23:11:43