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User Info If You're Older Than 40 And Reading This...; entered at 2015-06-04 11:57:27
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Registered: 2007-08-26 San Antonio de Bexar de runover with illegals, Texas
I have told my 3 children (23,28, 30) NOT to have any kids. Whatever they have it will take all of it to survive (if they can). Who would want to bring kids into a world already this f...ed up anyway? Can you imagine another generation or two?

They are all conservative, smart and have good jobs, but will be overwhelmed by the dumbasses and the mindless who reproduce without forethought or purpose. There is no future in America and if not in America, not in the world either.

We have tried to make it all so fair and all so equal, but nobody considered the unintended consequences of trying to fool mother nature where success if measured only by the survival of the fittest. In considerably less than 100 years, we have diluted the gene pool beyond the point of no return.

"Life is basically unfair."-JFK
2015-06-04 11:57:27