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User Info Medical Care And Medical Choices; entered at 2012-01-08 15:03:18
Posts: 152
Registered: 2007-11-01 nyc
wrt keeping it off, it is more difficult 1) for most people, as shown by the good ol' scientific studies as well as my (limited) professional experience; 2) for me, so i have the good ol' personal anecdotal bias. lots of folks drop 30-50 lbs, only to put it back on either quickly or slowly. of course, there are lots of unsustainable methods for quick weight loss that are doomed to this kind of failure. but (and i'll lean on my personal case here as an example) it is oh so tempting to ease the carbs back into the routine, and decrease the running/gym/exercise routine.

if it is no more difficult for you (kd, truth and any others), bless you. that's great.
2012-01-08 15:03:18