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User Info What *IS* This Nonsense? (Electric Cars); entered at 2011-05-16 16:11:04
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Registered: 2009-03-16 Las Vegas, NV, and your screen
Wondering how feasible it would be to retrofit "all electric" short range cars with a light duty tow hitch and a standard trailer plug-in (like on my F150) and a 2 connection cable plug (Pos/Neg) into the vehicles charging circuit?
A person could use their car for typical "daily commute" use on battery power, and rent (or buy) a small towset for long trips. And, an enterprising designer could build in a little bit of extra capacity (for suitcases, golf clubs and what not) for those long trips. If you could get the gen-set down to 300 lbs, then I would have to believe the whole thing, loaded even with some "luggage" wouldn't be over 1,000 lbs, even way loaded maybe 1,200 max? And, since the plug is there, it could have electric brakes as well, alleviating some of the issues with towing it. Understanding that range from "battery only" would go down due to extra weight and wind drag, would it be able to appreciably exceed the losses enough to be viable?

Driving from Las Vegas to Cali for the weekend? Drop by U-haul and drop a deposit, stop for a few gallons of diesel on your way out. Only limit at that point is how far between fuel stations, which is the current dilemma anyway for gas/diesel powered cars, so the infrastructure is there. And, since it is being towed most of the time at some speed, it could be air cooled with a ducted feed, which would help keep the weight down -vs- a liquid cooled unit. Just put a thermal cut-off that shuts it down in traffic if the temp goes up too high.

Yeah, I know, sounds "hair brained", but is it really that far fetched?
2011-05-16 16:11:04