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User Info CHRISTmas Musings.....; entered at 2010-12-25 15:37:38
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Registered: 2009-08-19 Mississauga, Canada
I have reservations about the G word. Say it in the wrong company and you have given permission for people to categorize you.

So what I believe in is Purpose. I feel that my life, and my reality has meaning and purpose outside of what hangs between my legs.

Today Jesus was born. Yesterday I spent it with family. Today I will spend it with friends, we will get FUBAR'ed and celebrate JC's birthday as if he was one of us, play tunes, tell fish stories and pray to the porcelain throne. (If I log on here, and start talking about my goldfish when I was kid, please understand.)

As far as hope goes. I think hope does have its place. When you have none, it can be the emptiest feeling in the world. I would say hope in general, is your ability to be an optimist.

Hope is the only currency that has any real value in my life. It is that extra bounce in my step. (I will use rational and irrational means to hold on to it.)

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2010-12-25 15:37:38