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User Info To The Tea Party (And Related Organizations); entered at 2010-08-30 19:53:33
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I cannot accept that answer without Your aquiescence to the same prohibition where Religious displays of any similar sort are concerned.

That constitutes something of a tragedy to Me, Widgeon.
-No, I'm not being facetious whatsoever.

I believe that any displays and activities that do not infringe upon the Civil Rights of Others in some meaningful way should not be prohibited.

It is not as if Homosexuals come proselytizing to Your door the way Religious Groups do.

( -Or, am I wrong and Gays come soliciting at Your door asking for donations to homosexual causes and exhorting You and Your Family to practice homosexuality?! )

People have the right to simply walk away from a Public display of whatever sort if it does not suit Them for whatever reason.

I know of no more Conservative a position than that of maintaining that ALL People have the same Civil Rights and Liberties; and that the Laws must be Equally applied to ALL Persons.

I defend the Rights of Persons to practice whatever Religious and/or Secular Lifestyle choices They may choose for Themselves as long as these do not materially infringe upon the Civil Rights of Others.

I must continue to defend this position as it protects the Rights of ALL Persons Who do not infringe upon or deny Others the Civil Liberties enumerated in the Constitution of the United States.

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2010-08-30 19:53:33