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User Info To The Tea Party (And Related Organizations); entered at 2010-08-30 10:57:12
Posts: 4281
Registered: 2008-08-27 Riverhead, NY
wow... it is so very nice to know that I am NOT alone!

Out here in Calif (and from what I can tell, around most of the country), Tea Parties are 100% fiscal conservatism and limited government.
nope, not here in goood old New York!! They bleat on and on about all sorts of non-issues. I even joined my local tea party as a gay man (I am a middle aged straight female) and argued about gay marriage just for the argument!! "He" was not wanted, nor were his views...

I was not wanted because early on I pointed out the flaws in the candidate that they were backing... just last week the head of the organization came out against the candidate that they had backed... maybe it's looking better here, but not good enough!
2010-08-30 10:57:12