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User Info To The Tea Party (And Related Organizations); entered at 2010-08-30 10:23:43
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I agree Karl. I did not read all 6 pages of comments. I do think things like guns are wedge issues too. They are wedge issues because we allow the left to make them so.

So why did this happen? I believe that it comes down to the media. Media (IMO) is so corrupt that they force your hand on wedge issues.

Is it possible that if the media hates you and your values so much that you could still win with the platform you laid out? The corruption runs so deep, all the way to our 1st grade classrooms to the unions and board rooms. How do you combat this?

Maybe this will make my point;
Saying the Pledge Of Allegiance in school has become a wedge issue by a few because we have allowed it.
2010-08-30 10:23:43