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User Info To The Tea Party (And Related Organizations); entered at 2010-08-30 04:15:52
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Just my opinion, but I don't think any Dem can convince J6P that anything they did worked. The only ones that will be convinced are the environmental / gay rights / abortion / civil liberties and other such collegiate nutters who don't care about finances either because they're already rich, or poor and living off government handouts.

I think most J6P see a lot of BS from both Parties and won't show up at the polls in November because they are left with the same old choices - dumb and dumber. "Fuck it, I'm not voting for anyone because they're all liars and assholes." At least that's how it is here in Ill-noise.

Threaten to take that [unemployment check] away and what do you have?

Again, I think Joe knows it's going away anyway. Besides, he doesn't want to live at poverty level on $300/week forever either. He wants to get back to work, to have a normal life again, and yet he keeps hearing about more and more job losses. So even if that interview he went on pans out, is he even going to keep the f'n job if he gets it? Or is he going to be right back in the same insecure situation?

I just think if somebody radical came out against these guys, he/she could win on a strictly economic platform because it would get all the fence-sitters off their butts to vote.

This is all pointless conjecture, but from what I see, most people want to solve their own problems and don't look to politicians for anything other than in times of emergency. But now, politicians are the problem, so they're even less enthused to vote for anyone at this point unless they're radical and rail against the establishment.

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2010-08-30 04:15:52