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User Info To The Tea Party (And Related Organizations); entered at 2010-08-30 04:13:40
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J6P isn't looking that far down the road. If he is on Funemployment, he may be looking at getting a new job, but his immediate need is that next check from the .gov.

Threaten to take that away and what do you have?

If polls show the economy as the #1 concern, and you are portrayed as wanting to knock out the underpinnings (.gov support), what do you have?

The bottom half doesn't pay taxes, so what do they care? If you threaten to change that, what do you have?

All that being said, I support allowing the market to clear and starting over. That also makes me unelectable and there is no way to frame that for the general public to digest.

IF the GOP storms the gates in November on removing .gov support for the economy, they had better hope the damage is in October. If it is in January, that's the last election they win for a long time.
2010-08-30 04:13:40