Want 11% -> 25% Heart Attack Risk? For Most.....
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2021-11-22 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Covid-19 , 4267 references Ignore this thread
Want 11% -> 25% Heart Attack Risk? For Most.....
[Comments enabled]

its actually worse in percentage terms.  smiley

Yeah, that's bad, and we'll get to that.

But first, another study.  Because, well, why tell you that you likely screwed yourself once when we can get a two-fer at once?

So on the first I have a nasty prediction to make, and you're not going to like it -- but it is, once again, nothing more than reading the data and making a reasonable projection forward based on what it shows.

If you remember one of the nightmare scenarios was an "ADE" sort of response to the jabs, which many so-called "experts" poo-pooed.  They had no evidence to poo-poo it, by the way, and in fact the evidence all ran the other way from history.  We had never successfully vaccinated against a coronavirus producing durable immunity and this is why; the previous trials all aborted out due to VEI (vaccine-enhanced infection) which covers ADE, OAS and a whole related litany of stupidity caused by using non-sterilizing "vaccines."

Then this paper published, which confirmed it was in play with specific focus on these jabs.

In this study we profiled vaccine-induced polyclonal antibodies as well as plasmablast-derived mAbs from individuals who received SARS-CoV-2 spike mRNA vaccine. Polyclonal antibody responses in vaccinees were robust and comparable to or exceeded those seen after natural infection. However, the ratio of binding to neutralizing antibodies after vaccination was greater than that after natural infection and, at the monoclonal level, we found that the majority of vaccine-induced antibodies did not have neutralizing activity.

This was published in July of this year.  It should have been the end of mass-vaccination attempts against Covid because it made clear that binding (infection-enhancing) antibodies were produced by the jabs in abundance and what's worse the majority of the antibodies produced were worthless or harmful.  In short the only reason you got protection was due to a wildly elevated titer in the first place, and once it waned, which it inevitably would, you were going to get ****ed.

We also found a co-dominance of mAbs targeting the NTD and RBD of SARS-CoV-2 spike and an original antigenic-sin like backboost to spikes of seasonal human coronaviruses OC43 and HKU1

That's even worse in that OC43 in particular is believed to have caused a Covid-19 like pandemic in the 1890s.  Backboosting that virus, which circulates all the time in humans, is flat-out nuts because like Covid-19 the pandemic of the 1890s featured all manner of nasty death.  Since OC43 circulates in the population on a roughly four-year cycle anything that enhances that virus is begging to whack people in size -- but not from Covid-19, rather from another virus that usually is nothing other than a nuisance!

Well, now we're seeing the consequences.

UM (Ann Arbor) is reporting a wildly-virulent outbreak of "the worst flu ever" but the testing for Covid is coming back negative.  They're claiming its a strain of flu but that's even worse because that strongly implies that the immune damage isn't Covid-19 specific.

Congratulations *******s, when that gets into a nursing home, and it will, it is going to kill people in size.  I told you so and now you've gone and done it by mandating this crap for healthy young people in colleges and various workplaces.  I hope you enjoy being the agent of killing your grandmother you stupid *******s.  Again, look at the date on that article I cited above, which I've written on before.  We had plenty of warning and should have stopped the jabs immediately in healthy people when that data became apparent because the very last thing you ever want to do is potentiate some other disease with your so-called "strategy."  What's even worse is that this was the only reasonable and plausible explanation for why the drug companies set dosing where they did (the presence of binding antibodies) which means everyone in both the FDA and drug companies knew ******ned well before the first EUA issued that these jabs were likely to do this.

But it doesn't end there.

It is reported that the hospitalization rate for "breakthrough" infections is in the neighborhood of 9%.  That is roughly double the rate the CDC "estimates" for all Covid-19 infections.  In addition the recent outbreak in a CT nursing home with more than a 10% fatality rate has made clear that in terms of actually protecting people from severe outcomes who need it most the vaccines are essentially worthless.

In other words when your protection wanes you are at higher risk of getting severely ill.  That too is logical given the binding antibody titers.  In addition there are now a myriad number of reports of people who got Covid again after being vaccinated yet non-vaccinated second infection reports remain nearly non-existent.  So if you had the disease and then take the jab the evidence is that it ruined your existing protection, at least in part.  How bad that will get is unknown -- but we're going to find out.

The lack of "N" protection after vaccination if you get infected appears to be continuing as well, which is extremely bad because it is "N" protection that is almost-impossible for the virus to evade.  Without that "N" antibody titer from infection you will get reinfected if you were vaccinated and the binding titer will enhance it.  The possibility of a Dengue-fever vaccine sort of disaster is real.  I cannot handicap that in terms of odds but if it occurs mortality among those who got the shot, got infected and did not build an "N" titer the second or third time around is going to be wildly enhanced.

Boosting will make this worse, possibly catastrophically worse, because the boosters will still produce binding antibodies.  The higher the titer goes the more-dangerous that is as protection wanes.  It is very likely that repeated boosting will not only lead to a "coffin corner" problem where protection becomes non-existent or even negative immediately but worse, we already know that strains that fully evade the protective antibodies are in the wild.  Those are very likely to wind up dominant sub-groups of Delta and when that occurs the binding antibodies still attach and thus if you've been vaxxed and that happens you're screwed and there's nothing you can do about it.  We've seen occasional cases where this appears to have happened already; this winter and into 2022 that is likely to become dominant simply because that's how selection pressure works!

The only good news is that if you're in good health even with a materially-enhanced infection profile from the vaccines you're probably not going to die.  On the other hand those who are in the marginal health category, and that specifically includes those with metabolic dysfunction such as diabetes are in extremely serious trouble.

It would be bad enough if that was the end of the bad news.  But it isn't.  In fact, this is worse than enhancing your infection risk.

A total of 566 pts, aged 28 to 97, M:F ratio 1:1 seen in a preventive cardiology practice had a new PULS test drawn from 2 to 10 weeks following the 2nd COVID shot and was compared to the previous PULS score drawn 3 to 5 months previously pre- shot. Baseline IL-16 increased from 35=/-20 above the norm to 82 =/- 75 above the norm post-vac; sFas increased from 22+/- 15 above the norm to 46=/-24 above the norm post-vac; HGF increased from 42+/-12 above the norm to 86+/-31 above the norm post-vac. These changes resulted in an increase of the PULS score from 11% 5 yr ACS risk to 25% 5 yr ACS risk. At the time of this report, these changes persist for at least 2.5 months post second dose of vac.

I'm generally not much of a fan of these sorts of "scoring systems" for risk factors, but this particular one has a fairly decent record across a hell of a lot of people and a lot of time.  The key factor here is that it looks at actual endothelial damage specific to cardiac risk and not the (long believed but also wildly disputed and, in my opinion, entirely-discredited) look at cholesterol.

The really nasty side of this is that the "normal" level of risk is under 3.5% or less across five years.  These elevations will put someone who was in that low-risk bucket into the 11% range if they started from near-zero on all of these metrics.  Cardiologists, of course, do not typically follow or see people without some reason to believe they have an issue with heart disease and are at risk of cardiac trouble which means that the problem is not that the person at 11% risk is now at 25%, 2.27x (227%) what they were before.

No, it's that the person who was at essentially zero 5 year risk may now be at 11% risk, more or less, which is a wild elevation that may be as much as 10x or more than they were previously.  In other words our mass-jabbing campaign may have created ten million or more additional heart attacks over the next five years and many of those will be fatal, no-warning events.

I remind you that some 400,000 fatal heart attacks happen a year and this data implies that rate could easily more than double.

Worse, there may nothing you can do about it if you took the jab as the damage may be permanent.

Note that there is no body of science that shows that someone who has gotten Covid-19 and recovered has a similar elevated long-term risk profile for cardiac issues.  The absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence but until and unless that evidence is developed it looks pretty clear that by getting the jab you have wildly elevated your heart attack and stroke risk independent of all other factors.

This is not good news at all folks and there is literally no possible positive way to spin it either.

Incidentally this is already showing up in all-cause mortality both here and in the UK.  Theoretical scores are one thing, but when backed up by a stack of corpses.....


Tell me again how it is that the 25-44 age group is dying at a higher rate than during last winter's surge, and materially so, when the virus itself doesn't tend to kill people in that age range.

It is increasingly clear that those who held out and stuck up the finger, especially if previously infected, made the right choice.

My flag isn't big enough.


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User Info Want 11% -> 25% Heart Attack Risk? For Most..... in forum [Market-Ticker-Nad]
Posts: 4953
Incept: 2010-09-06

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After the Black Death wiped out scads of the European peasantry the pay for labor went up significantly. So the good news is the survivors of this campaign may have labor pricing power in a few years.

A very obese white male co-worker of mine returned to work today after the vid, and I interviewed him.

He was off for 3 weeks, given the anti-bodies treatment at the local hospital and was in a room with 3 others for Covid; the other three were middle aged white women (my county is 97% white so thats to be expected) none of which were obese, and all 3 2x vaxxed and boosted.

And they were LIVID he was there, unvaxxed, yet they were as well. They were very unhappy that they had all the shots yet - there they were, in the same position he was. All three women were on supplemental o2; he was not.

One woman had a severe reaction to the anti bodies and they were stopped, another was admitted to the hospital while rest including my coworker were released. Unclear if the bad reaction was the one admitted but I dont believe it was her. Staff was very much on top of anti-body addition and intently watching for any negative reaction so the procedure could be instantly stopped

The Dr was very much apparently under professional duress discussing treatments with my coworker and hinted that he did not agree with much - at all - about the vid treatment plans or protocols but said his hands were tied as he answers to the board of directors and the CDC

Also our department and production was gutted by sending 6 operators home the prior week for 7 days yet those that were around this particular man were not sent home this time.

After their tonnage produced dropped precipitously they apparently dropped the quarantine requirements

honk honk

This world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those that feel.

Horace Walpole
Posts: 6262
Incept: 2009-03-19

Just North of Detroit
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Just a RARE increase in heart attack on top of RARE Bell's palsy, RARE blood clots, RARE pulmonary hypertension, well - you can go look up the list.
At what point do they all add up to NOT RARE and can't be hidden from the public anymore?
Posts: 6
Incept: 2021-06-04

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Would love to see some similar research surrounding those who caught the bug naturally, recovered, and then got the shot. Very interested to see if the vax responds the same way and if it diminishes the naturally acquired immunity....
Posts: 617
Incept: 2009-02-26

Behind enemy lines
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The scale of evidence is broken, and yet the other side continues jumping on the other side.

Remember, pillage first, then burn.
Posts: 81
Incept: 2012-06-05

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Thanks for the post. I'm still in the "vaxxed or axxed" group on Dec 8. My company is still spewing the lies of "safe and effective, safe and effective". I know I'm making the right decision even though the job loss is going to suck majorly. This weekend I boxed up a lot of stuff in my house because it will have to be sold after I get canned. I'm pissed and angry beyond words. If the board and executive level all have heart attacks on Christmas day, it will be richly DESERVED.
Posts: 708
Incept: 2021-07-10

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This just reinforces how incredibly complex the immune system is, and why messing it, especially under a "warp speed" technology is really stupid.

"History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of man." -- Blue Oyster Cult "Godzilla"
Posts: 258
Incept: 2020-07-25

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Thank you for this analysis Karl.

This is more evidence that short-cutting the trials and testing the vexes on the population was foolish. And those who pushed Operation Warp Speed can never admit they were wrong because then they have to take responsibility for the deaths.

Fauci is a modern day Dr. Mengele. He is now advocating the vaccination of infants. Let's introduce heart problems in the young because old people are afraid of dying?

Psalm 90:10 says "The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years..." If you live to be 80, you have had a long life. Be grateful, and don't sacrifice the young in your mistaken belief that vexxing them leads to a longer life for you.
Posts: 708
Incept: 2021-07-10

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So the people pushing the clot shots have said:
-- Get the vax or no job
-- Get the vax or no restaurants
-- Get the vax or no travel
-- Get the vax and be socially isolated
-- Get the vax and be refused medical treatment
-- Get the vax or be bullied and endure a hostile work environment
-- Get the vax or be forced to undergo frequent testing, often at you own expense

So those same monsters will soon be demanding the unvaxxed to "work more days, longer hours, and pay higher taxes" to fix their medical conditions caused by the clot shots? That should go over real well.

"History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of man." -- Blue Oyster Cult "Godzilla"
Posts: 708
Incept: 2021-07-10

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They have to accept religious exemptions. Make them DENY that in WRITING. Document, document, document.

"History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of man." -- Blue Oyster Cult "Godzilla"
Posts: 336
Incept: 2021-05-18

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Thank you, TG. Some truly sad, dark days seem to lie ahead.

What a mess midgit Mengele has made.
Posts: 179024
Incept: 2007-06-26
A True American Patriot!
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No, what a mess WE have made @Dnomsed - because we didn't force that mother****er, along with Trump AND Biden to cut that **** out, and tell employers, venues and others -- and mean it -- that we would EAT THEIR ENTIRE ****ING FAMILY if they did not stop.

There is no such thing as a "mandate" until and unless a gun is pointed at you and as soon as that's threatened you kill the person doing it as felony assault with a deadly weapon invokes your pre-governmental right to protect your life by whatever means you must.

Nut up or shut up and DIE. Your choice.

I don't give a flying **** if you're offended.
Posts: 81
Incept: 2012-06-05

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Thanks Bluto. I will make them put it in writing. I submitted mine over 2 weeks ago. They forwarded it to outside legal counsel and I haven't heard back. But I will for sure make them.
Posts: 117
Incept: 2021-09-13

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Holy crap, this Ticker. I actually ran out of Schadenfreude halfway through and started feeling sick for the jabbed. TGs usual caution about extrapolating extreme outcomes makes this particularly frightening. For me, this also comes after watching a new Geeet Vander Bossche interview, whom I no longer view as extreme or tinny in anyway.

The Vander Bossche interview begin about the 49 minute market.

Posts: 6483
Incept: 2017-06-27

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one wonders when the murder/suicides will start.

There are going to be a lot of angry people.


"Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven," Satan's monologue in the first book of John Milton's Paradise Lost
Posts: 73
Incept: 2021-10-22

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I am tired of all these new evidence coming out confirming what Karl hypothesis were, yet stupid people still lining up to get the venom completely ignoring hard evidence scientific studies and pushing it into kids.

The body count IS piling up but the level of cognitive dissonance prevents sheeple from realizing that we are worse this year than last year AND there is a lot more death from heart/stroke.

But the end is getting closer as they cannot stab corpses with booster #5 and the critical thinkers wont take a jab now when the evidence is overwhelming.

But I am probably optimistic here.
Posts: 51
Incept: 2015-02-24

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They just can't stop...

From https://news.umich.edu/cdc-on-u-m-campus....

"Since the first positive case on Oct. 6, there have been 528 cases of influenza diagnosed at the University Health Service with 77% of cases in unvaccinated individuals."

I'd say unbelievable, but, not really.
Posts: 16
Incept: 2021-09-10

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I've stopped using the terms "vaxxed" and "unvaxxed" when it comes to covid and have instead been referring to those who have or have not received a shot. I have been encouraging friends, family, and associates to do the same. The fact of the matter is that no one has been vaccinated against covid. The percentage of people that have been vaccinated is and always has been zero, sans changing definitions.
Posts: 766
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Davenport, Fl
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So some real time data from myself.
Cough started up about 10 days ago, had a known exposure at the time.

Went for a swab at the local advent health walk in. What A JOKE. They put the swab in all of lets say 1/4 an inch and quickly pulled it out. I was like "Seriously?" that's not how you swab... 25 mins later, negative result.

So Friday went to my doc's office.
They shoved that MF'r swab clear up there till my brain said F&#(!

Just got the phone call this morning, lab confirmed covid! So first **** the ****ing walk in clinics and there BS test! I'm about ready to go over there with my updated results and ask to see the head DR and cough in his face a few times while I go over the PROPER way to swab folks.

Outside of the dry cough and some tiredness... nothing all that bad.
Yes I do have Vitamin I and have taken in a couple times, my Dr's office wanted to know if I wanted to go get the Mono antibody's... eh, I'm not at high risk and at this point not sure really needed (I know, wouldn't hurt... but hell I'd rather save that dose for someone who is worse off than I)

Of course, the wife is freaking out and ready to cancel Thanksgiving. Giving what Karl points out today, as some of our grandparents have had there Vax.. maybe that's not the worse idea actually.

Posts: 49
Incept: 2021-09-20

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These jabs have nothing to do with personal or public health. They are just for control, coercion, and compliance. They have more to do with politics and trying to force socialism / communism on a free nation that wants no part of it, IMHO. A side benefit for the Powerz is that unemployment will rise and productivity will fall.

Also IMHO, the jabs have nothing to do with covid. I believe these vaxxes were already in existence before covid came along, and they just needed an excuse to use them. They certainly don't help covid or anything else, and pharma and the pols HAD to have known what they would do.

I will be needing an "I told you so" flag of my own.
Posts: 3
Incept: 2020-11-19

Georgetown, TX
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Have you heard of Dr Mary Bowden in Houston? She was fired by Houston Methodist for wanting to give ivermectin to a patient and has filed a lawsuit. She now has a practice that services only the unvakxed. Anyway, she has stated that the goobermint has given billions to hospitals for covid work and that information is publicly available. I did not look at the website but she says HM got 366 Million for covid - sounds like quite an incentive to keep people sick and dying. The government also has a website that shows how much Open Payments companies give to hospitals and doctors and other medical staff for...well, it look to me like bribes. Pfizer can give a doctor 10K for ****s and grins.

When will these people be held accountable for their actions? Or can we go straight to retribution?
Posts: 13
Incept: 2021-10-04

Central Florida
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Also, video the attempted firing. Video the papers they try to force you to sign, demand copies to be viewed by your attorney(get an attorney - https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/leg.... ), do not sign until your attorney reads the paperwork, copy all of your company emails and files you can legally for your records and legal defense. Make them escort you with minor force out of the building when they fire you. Don't put your head down and walk away. Make it a huge pain in the ass for them and video it all. If there is a judicial system and food supplies left in a year or two, then all this data will help you sue the ever living **** out of them.
Posts: 13
Incept: 2021-10-04

Central Florida
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Start at the 1 minute mark.

Posts: 117
Incept: 2021-09-13

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one wonders when the murder/suicides will start.

Kyle Warner, pro mountain biker, knows six people whom have committed suicide due to vaccine injuries.
Posts: 3838
Incept: 2009-04-16

California Desert
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Yes, they will do precisely that. I've been expecting that scenario to unfold as the normies realize what happened.
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