The ACTUAL Definition of Communism
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2021-01-11 10:39 by Karl Denninger
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The ACTUAL Definition of Communism*
[Comments enabled]

You didn't actually buy into the bull**** thrown around in US Government Schools did you?

You know, the Marx definition?

A political theory derived from the writings of Karl Marx in which all property is publicly owned, each person working and receiving according to their abilities and needs.

I have spent most of my nearly 14 years here writing on Communism when it comes to the United States in one form or another.  And no, it's not Marx.  Marx's "economic theories" are a result of Communism but, as Bradford found out at Plymouth, they don't work.  They don't work because you cannot compel people to produce beyond a minimum level, and that minimum level, extended to all of society, produces less than society requires to sustain itself.

This is why such attempts always fail and usually take the government down with them.  Bradford aborted the attempt before it killed everyone (including him) at Plymouth; facing starvation and disease with a rapidly-dwindling population has a way of focusing the mind.

No, folks, Communism is not primarily an economic model or function.  Indeed, you get that outcome, but that's not the reason for it, it's a side effect.  Karl Marx was a conniving **********, not some visionary, although I can't prove he intentionally misled the world (he seems to be dead so I can't corner him and insist he answer) but the manifest weight of the evidence is clear.

Communism is a type of organization of political power in which those who are in The Party are entitled to do whatever they wish; the alleged "laws" within that political area apply only to those who are not in The Party.  The above, that of private property and contractual rights to set the terms of one's labor is one of the public and visible manifestations of this but is not the central point nor the goal of it.  You can neither set the terms of your labor or own property if you are not considered to have human rights in the first instance and the creation and enforcement of that differentiation between people is the definition.

Do recall that we nominated and are about to inaugurate a President and Vice-President who between them:

  • Literally sucked and ****ed her way to political power.  This isn't a salacious charge it's admitted by the person who got the sucking and did the ****ing, who has also disavowed said beneficiary (Harris).

  • Literally smoked joints while prosecuting those who were also smoking joints, an act that was illegal at the time, and threw the other people in prison for it by her own admission.  (Harris again)

  • Literally shielded his son from the just consequences of consuming a wildly illegal substance in a rental car, leaving not only irrefutable evidence (a used glass pipe full of residue) behind that almost-certainly was covered with his fingerprints but also his identification in said vehicle, proving that it was he who was in the car and consuming said substances, all of which are felonies in that state. (Biden)

  • On the manifest weight of the evidence the FBI and DOJ have had in their possession proof, in the form of a laptop drive image, of felony conduct involving children with said family member and conclusive evidence that the remaining members of the family knew about and did not report same to the authorities.  In other words, the manifest weight of the evidence is that the parents of at least one said involved minor intentionally prevented the law from being enforced.  (Biden again.)  There is, apparently, on said laptop multiple other images of other children that nobody dare display because they are per-se illegal child pornography.  The FBI had this evidence in their hands a year prior to the election and intentionally did nothing with it.

  • On the manifest weight of the evidence both the Ukraine and China bribed, through the provision of funds to a member of the Biden family of which a piece, 10% it is said, was directly funneled to Joe Biden himself.  At least one of the trips to China involving said member of the family took place on an official US Government aircraft, Air Force 2.  The person bribed had no specific nor general business experience that qualified them to have anything to do with the ventures in question; their only rational reason to employ said person was their direct connection to the Vice President of the United States who got paid for same.

And in nine days these two Party Members will become President and Vice-President.

But this is just the latest in a long line of such abuses.

Over the last year myriad people favored by The Party looted, broke into and destroyed government offices and committed countless acts of arson against both government offices and private property.  They got streets painted in their name including in Washington DC and have not been arrested, indicted and prosecuted.  Our VP-to-be, a Party Member, directly advocated for and raised funds to bail them out of the petty charges lodged against them.  One of The Party sycophants published a photo of herself holding the President's severed head in effigy and this was not deemed "incitement" while an exhortation to peacefully march in Washington DC was.  You see, President Trump, having been a Party Member for a good long time, was declared expelled before the 2016 election and thus subject to any form of abuse desired by The Party up to and including calling for his beheading.

For forty years the entire Medical System in this country has been comprised of Party Members.  In the late 1970s and early 1980s two seminal cases, Royal Drug and Maricopa County, both at the Supreme Court, found that US antitrust law, 15 USC Chapter 1, applied in full to the medical and pharmaceutical industries.  I remind you that this law is not just a civil statute it carries criminal felony penalties including 10 year prison terms for each violation.

In the 40 years since not one person in The Party has been charged and sent to prison under these laws.

This very same industry has led to 350,000 deaths in America over the last nine months, many of which occurred due to deliberate acts of both obstruction and commission.  Post Kirkland we locked out visitors from nursing homes.  Not only does this means that every single person who died post that event in such a home was provably infected by a health care worker but in addition those residents were denied the basic status of human beings in that they were forcibly prevented from choosing to take the risk of their family members infecting them.  You see, those residents are not Party Members and thus do not have basic and allegedly unalienable human rights.  In addition these same Party Members have deliberately lied about the fact that we have known for forty years that masks less than N95s are worthless as "source control", that is, to prevent an infected person from spreading a disease to others.  Indeed these very Party Members have decreed that it is safe for them to be in said nursing home if they wear an N95 but you, as not a Party Member, cannot don the same PPE and visit your loved ones.  In other words you're not human and neither is your loved one in said place; they are not entitled to basic human rights and to make a decision of self-determination but if and when said Party Members kill your loved ones when their PPE proves ineffective that's just tough crap.

There is, incidentally, reason to believe N95s might be effective but that does not matter; mandates have dropped all over the world demanding you use known worthless devices as a "badge", an act of flat-out fraud. Indeed said mandates are functionally equivalent to The Star of David.

At the same time The Party has decreed that all such Party Members are to be proclaimed as heroes -- and don't you dare forget it or fail to acknowledge same lest you be canceled.

How did that happen?  You let it happen over the previous 40 years by allowing doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, so-called "public health" experts and others to become members of The Party and thus be immune from the very laws you must follow.  You, and your loved ones, are not Party Members and thus neither you or they have human rights anymore.

These very same Party Members then butchered your loved ones by refusing to tell them about the scientific evidence that showed there were both nutritional supplements and cheap drugs that might stop or reduce the severity of Covid-19.  As professionals who claim credentialism they had a professional and legal duty to so-inform you and let you make the decision as a human being between the risks and rewards associated with these options; the definition of human rights includes self-determination.  They instead have and continue to deny said choice to you, on purpose and contrary to actual law which states that off-label use of any drug is explicitly legal, all the way up to the NIH and FDA.  As a direct result 350,000 people are dead.  That is depraved indifference and it is happening every single hour of every day, right now.  Legally it is identical to me getting ****-faced in a bar and then driving a vehicle, in that if I then hit and kill someone I have committed manslaughter.  But you see -- I'm not a Party Member, thus I get prosecuted and they have and will not be.

Was Kennedy prosecuted?  You do remember that, right?

Kids in public schools?  They're not Party Members.  Thus when the Teacher's Unions block instruction and even worse, demand to be paid when they don't work -- money that comes out of your pocket, forcibly, in property taxes whether you rent or own where you live they are free to permanently impair the educational development of said children and make you pay for their non-work.

They're Party Members, you are not.  Millions of children permanently harmed are perfectly acceptable if it saves even ONE Party Member's life.  Ditto for all the suicides and drug overdoses caused by their "mitigating measures"; those people are not Party Members, you see, and thus are not entitled to basic human rights.

How many Governors, Mayors and similar have dropped mandates on the people in their jurisdictions whether it be "stay at home" orders, mask requirements or other constraints and then violated the very orders they issued themselves?  Has even one said person been arrested?  Nope.  Why?  They are Party Members and thus the law does not apply to them -- any law -- while you are not a Party Member and thus whatever they do to you is perfectly fine.

Amazon, for years, blatantly flouted State sales tax laws.  Their scheme was hardly novel; I contemplated the same scheme in the 1990s when I ran MCSNet and asked corporate counsel about it as we planned to expand to new states.  I got the "raised eyebrow" look from them, asking if I was writing a retainer check to them for not only inevitable litigation forcing me to pay the back taxes, penalties and interest but whether I was also going to engage their criminal defense attorneys when I was charged with felony tax evasion.  You see, I'm not a Party Member.  Beelzebezos is, however, so when he did the exact same thing he was not charged and never paid a nickel of back anything.  When challenged on not collecting and paying he folded every single time instead of going to court.  That is clear evidence that he knew damn well what he was doing was illegal and didn't care; he had no fear of the indictment nor financial penalty because...... wait for it...... HE IS A PARTY MEMBER.

The danger of course is that you can be kicked out of The Party and thinking you can't be is quite dangerous.  If you are kicked out then every single thing you've done that remains within the Statute of Limitations will come down on your head like a piano dropped from 20 floors up.  Weiner anyone?  Or, for that matter, Donald Trump?

Incidentally the current "impeachment" scream-fest out of Pelosi is just another example.  Impeachment is explicitly defined in the Constitution and the remedy afforded by said process is removal from office.  You can't remove someone who's no longer in office and as a result of the Senate's current pro-forma sessions (during which no actual business can be conducted), a status which cannot be voided without unanimous consent it is not possible under the law for The Senate to try an impeachment before January 20th at noon.  As such it is Constitutionally impossible to remove President Trump from office under impeachment nor can he be barred from running again because to take the second vote to do so the first must be sustained and, Constitutionally, the ability to try that impeachment in the Senate is mooted at noon on January 20th

Pelosi knows this full-well and doesn't care.  So why is she doing it?

Trump is an expelled former Party Member and thus the constraints of the Law, including the highest law of the land, do not prevent any action The Party desires to take against him, just like it's perfectly ok for a Party Member to kill your mother in a nursing home.  Note that this very same lack of constraint in the law applies to damn near each and every one of you too.

This, by the way, is why Trump and is entire family are all utterly ****ed the moment he leaves office.

Oh, this is new, you think?

How about Dennis Hastert. Did he go to jail for what he did, or was he later kicked out of The Party and thus suddenly exposed for lying about the purpose of his "hush money" payments?

How is it that the entire ******ned Catholic Church ran what can only be reasonably described as an organized homosexual child abuse ring for decades and yet as soon as the heat showed up the Priests involved were removed to the Vatican and, in at least one case, given a Basilica to preside over safe from extradition back to the US to face criminal charges?  Answer: They're PARTY MEMBERS, your son is not and thus he was their plaything and not entitled to basic human rights.

Marx's theory says that the Uygurs in China are entitled to each according to their needs.  Are they receiving that?  Nope; they're in concentration camps which are better described as slavery, since their labor is compelled and being used to make..... SHOES, among other things, for Party Members who reside in and sell said merchandise right here.  Cobalt for Tesla's batteries?  Same deal; forced child labor in the DRC.  Elon Musk is a PARTY MEMBER and thus his exploitation of said children without which he could not have built Tesla battery packs is permitted because said children are not human as they are NOT Party Members.

Stalin?  He sent how many to the Gulag?  Marx, again, stated they were all entitled according to their needs.  Did they get it?  Nope.

The Marxian theory taught in school is a lie; a convenient cover story and nothing more.

The truth is that Communism is simply a two-class system in which members of The Party are not bound by any law whatsoever provided the persons or rights abused are Non-Party Members, all of whom are declared not human and thus not entitled to even the basic humane treatment of a farm animal being raised for food.

If we as a people, 99% of whom are not Party Members, do not rise up and put a stop to this now across the board you are fully exposed to winding up in said Gulag or even joining your dead Grandmother who Party Members killed over the last nine months.  You have zero protection of any law provided the person or organization who chooses to abuse or even kill you in cold blood is a Party Member.  Yes, there are peaceful means to stop this -- for now.  At the point there aren't any more your option to resolve this will have expired and if you think you'll be allowed into The Party and thus protected for other than particular operational reasons you're deluded.

THIS is what Communism actually is and it's right here in the United States, right now, and has been for decades.


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User Info The ACTUAL Definition of Communism in forum [Market-Ticker] *
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East Tennessee
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Yup. That's it.

It's justifiably immoral to deal morally with an immoral entity.

Festina lente.
Posts: 8037
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I cannot disagree with any of the above. I will only add my own definition of why communism cannot work, and what I have continually espoused (especially to my own offspring):

The main reason that communism (and it's bastard child, "democratic socialism") cannot work is it completely discounts human nature. 10% of people are likely to work their ass off and do their best regardless of the reward; it's just how they're hardwired. Conversely, about 20 - 30% will never do a ****** thing, as long as they are somewhat fed and sheltered. The rest of us in the middle 60-70% will work increasingly harder as the rewards increase, to varying degrees of ability and desire.

Why would most anyone work their ass off when the reward is no different than the slackass who does absolutely nothing? Answer: they won't.

We're ****ed. There will be no happy ending here; there is no going back to 'normal.'. There are only bad outcomes and worse outcomes. And we don't get to choose those, either.
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My opinion is the United Communist States of America is what we are now.
Posts: 122
Incept: 2010-01-10

Giant Side of Texas
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I see something ahead different. The new technology allows one to be banished without investment in camps or gulags.
Your bank account has been suspended.
Light bill due? Sorry. You have no money to pay.
Need groceries? Sorry, you have no money to pay.
But I have cash!
OK. Do you have a government pass for me to take it?
I will barter then.
Good enough. Oh, by the way, taxes on your property are due. Failure to pay results in confiscation by government in 30 day's.
Have a nice day.

Blessed, Grateful and Living a Dream
Posts: 149
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Connecticut - Massachusetts
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Quite simply, Communism = slavery. Members of "The Party" hold the lash, the remainder do as they are told.

In a world populated with a la
Posts: 264
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North of Boston, but not North enough.
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@Frat. Agreed. Very few people are self starters, most need incentives to do anything at all.

@Dbigkahunna I fully expect this to be the next step with gun control.

"Guns are dangerous so pay double on your medical insurance."

The question is, how many people, in financial ruin because they won't give up their rights, will just snap? And as the snaps occur, how many others will be emboldened? What does that snowball effect look like? How many will go after those at fault, and how many will just lash out at bystanders? Is their enough critical thinking left in people's heads to figure that they will know which direction deserves to face their anger. I doubt it.

I'm Team Virus. It Deserves to Win.
Most Lives Matter. Timothy McVeigh Did Nothing Wrong.
I Hate The Antichrist. Death to the New World Order.
The World is Quiet Here.
Posts: 293
Incept: 2019-10-10

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Socialism and Communism are simply ways for the ruling class to lock in their wealth and power while justifying the poverty, death and chaos that sustains their power.

I recall stories of the Politburo when I was a teenager, a group of elite Russians sitting in giant mansions drinking the finest tea and jam from gilded cups while millions tried not to freeze or starve to death in bread lines.

Who is concerned about the corruption in DC when you can't find food or are afraid of being killed on your doorstep or on the way to the bread lines?

People who snap are far more likely to kill their neighbor or loved ones than to try and take out anyone of importance. Just look at the majority of crime in the large cities...and the associated poorer areas.

Those in power know this and the republicans are in on it 100%.
Posts: 14
Incept: 2020-04-21

Austin, Tx
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I agree with the two tiered system. From what I understand the CCP model in China is essentially several organized crime families with 10 million made members. You can mess with anyone and do anything so long as they aren't a member. You have to get prior approval from high up for that.

Very much like La Cosa Nostra.

Posts: 129
Incept: 2009-08-19

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****ing brilliant Karl.
I'm having some peach brandy right now, I will toast to you.

It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.

Samuel Adams
Posts: 55
Incept: 2010-06-21

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Karl, what is your take on the FBI raid that happened in Nashville? Apologies if off topic.
Posts: 179064
Incept: 2007-06-26
A True American Patriot!
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@Mike77079 - That apparently is connected to a materially-old corruption probe into a state politician; it's a bit convoluted and bizarre, but does not appear to be connected to the national-stage stuff at all -- at least not as far as I know.

I don't give a flying **** if you're offended.
Posts: 4326
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Literally sucked and ****ed her way to political power.

Answer me this. How many people in both parties would suck dick all day every day, and/or lick pussy all day every day, and/or take it up the ass all day every day, if they were guaranteed that one day they would be president or vice-president?

Yea, that's what I thought.


Here are my predictions for everyone to see:
S&P 500 at 320, DOW at 2200, Gold $300/oz, and Corn $2/bu.
No sign that housing, equities, or farmland are in a bubble- Yellen 11/14/13
Trying to leave the Rat Race to the rats...
Posts: 131399
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East Tennessee
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Flapping: All the ones I don't want there.

It's justifiably immoral to deal morally with an immoral entity.

Festina lente.
Posts: 298
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New Yersey
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Flap - sounds like you just described Hollywood.

The Lockdowns Will Continue Until the Morale Improves!

I keep thinking, "it can't get any worse" and then it does!
Posts: 13049
Incept: 2010-06-25

Peoples' Republik of Maryland
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THE BARNHARDT AXIOM: The fact that a given person is holding or seeking high-level public office is, in and of itself, proof that said person is morally and/or psychologically UNFIT to hold public office.

Molon Labe
Where is Henry Bowman when you need him?
How many are willing to pledge this? We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor
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United States
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We could definitively solve our commie problem. But it would require a lot of friends.

Posts: 1190
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Los Angeles
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In the meantime Facebook just blocked Ron Paul's access to his Facebook page for "violating community standards." This **** is completely out of control:

Now with 32-percent more trash-talk.
Posts: 109
Incept: 2020-04-21

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I recall that 'communism' is a bastardization of the word 'gnosticism'.
Gnosticism is a strange bird, a Christian heresy. The believers convinced themselves that if they could get control some secret knowledge they could through their newfound power spin out a kingdom of heaven of their own design.
The wierd thing was that their vision, their version of 'the kingdom' didn't have to link up to anything in the real world. This makes communist ideology and the commies themselves impervious to rational argument. You can't reason with these clowns; they're unshakable in the conviction of their own fanciful imaginations. You can produce all the evidence under the Sun as to why their plans won't work, but, it won't matter. If they can dream up a perfect world in their head then there's no way that it can't be brought about provided that the commie has a strong enough will to make it happen.
How do you argue with that kind of crazy.
A lot of reasonable Americans are realizing you can't and are preparing for the inevitable.
Posts: 264
Incept: 2019-09-26

North of Boston, but not North enough.
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@Aaron You know it's gotten out of hand when Ron Paul is too dangerous for the Internet. Up is Down, Left is Right, Good is Evil. Happy New Year.

I'm Team Virus. It Deserves to Win.
Most Lives Matter. Timothy McVeigh Did Nothing Wrong.
I Hate The Antichrist. Death to the New World Order.
The World is Quiet Here.
Posts: 35
Incept: 2010-05-20

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I was born in communist Romania, parents brought me and my sister here when I was 8. I am as American as I can get (I read the Market Ticker!) :)

You have spent years trying to reach (to my understanding) the sheeple. Granted, you have tried to go through those of us who at least have enough brain power to find and read your work and hope that we spread the word. But I don't think that you or anyone else would argue that sheep are capable of much of anything so it seems like a waste of time to even address them. As to the rest of us, we may understand but don't have the organization/means to do much of anything. The virus, and the government's response, has proven that "Going Galt" is essentially useless as the bulk of the population is no longer productive yet this has only caused AN INCREASE in the government's power, the opposite of what we thought.

In reality, there is no practical way by which we can exercise what little power we have. Those who participated in DC are going to have the full force of .gov brought against them soon as they are un-personed, perhaps even politicians. We have no means by which to communicate (are cut off), no means to organize w/o being called terrorists and have the police and military come at us or our families, and most importantly, no means of coordinating throughout the nation. And it's already proven that politicians are traitorous scum, so can't count on them. All this has been true for some years years.

What's left? The USSR survived 80 some years under communist economics and rule - by some measures we have barely started down that road. It will be a long time before we collapse from the weight of that like they did. And even then it was organization through labor unions (which ironically existed in the USSR) and the churches that allowed them to organize. We don't even believe in God anymore...

The reality is that JUST LIKE AT THE FOUNDING, **power** is the only thing that matters - they took it from the King and gave it to... sheep. If, once you gain it, you let go of it, it is YOUR fault when things fall apart. And since sheep are largely unable to run a nation (just ask the Romans) the person who had power and then gave it to them, regardless of romantic ideals, was a fool. It is painfully obvious that everything in the Constitution is intended solely for higher functioning adults and not every Tom, Dick and Harry. The Bill of Rights applies to all but not the power of the Constitution - that should be reserved for a very few. Regardless, here we are. Until those "few" on our side (not the sheep!) are willing and able to reclaim it, it will continue to be used against us.

Machiavelli was neither stupid nor evil, he simply saw the world for what it is.

Moldbug is today's Machiavelli, and he has been writing the same length of time as you, since 2007:

God help us all - we have no one willing to wield power on our behalf.
Posts: 179064
Incept: 2007-06-26
A True American Patriot!
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(I don't normally do that, but in this case an upvote is NOT enough.)

I don't give a flying **** if you're offended.

Posts: 177
Incept: 2010-07-21

Gainsville, TX
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So, any bets on when the dirty civil war starts, or has it already and I am just being wishful?

Never bet on against the insanity of people.

"The fall of people, groups and nations has not been from plague, famine, war, depression or any great calamity..their fall can be traced to one thing...they started to believe their own bull****."- Me
"A nobleman is simply a man who says one thing and does another." Don Diego de la Vega
Posts: 7500
Incept: 2008-12-09

Spokane WA
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"Never bet on against the insanity of people."

And, never bet on the status quo.
Posts: 179064
Incept: 2007-06-26
A True American Patriot!
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There are some crazy people in DC but I'll bet against it being THAT crazy, at least for the moment. There are plenty of reasons to believe so too.

The "second impeachment" is a stunt that cannot succeed on the Constitution and McConnell cockblocked it before it even began to be considered, so he didn't have knowledge of it but what he did makes it legally impossible without an extraordinary move by the Senate, which won't happen.

Post noon on January 20th you CAN'T try the impeachment; the Constitution prohibits it because you can only impeach someone who is in office. As of 12:01 on the 20th Trump isn't in office anymore. The Senate is in pro-forma until the 19th and timelines on Senate action prohibit action prior to the expiration of Trump's term. The only way to break that under Senate Rules would be unanimous consent or some means to forcibly break the pro-forma without it, which is wildly unlikely to succeed irrespective of a number of members wanting to. Therefore you can't try the impeachment which means you also can't take the second vote to strip his ability to run again, which is what Pelosi has been selling the crazies.

She's selling bull**** and she knows it; she may well take the vote to impeach but it's pure political theater and does exactly nothing.

There's more and a lot of it turns on the fact that there are no free political lunches, the legislatures in the states control redistricting which happens THIS YEAR in front of the midterms, the contested states are Republican controlled and that's a big ****ing thumb on the scale for the 2022 House elections. Pelosi lost seats this time around; NEXT TIME she's likely done like it or not. This also favors the Senate flipping back GOP and any sort of crazy out of the Senate (like killing the filibuster for ordinary legislation) has a very high probability of blowing up in the Democrat's face in 2 years in a way they'll never recover from. If Schumer has a lick of sense he won't try it but if he does he dooms his party. My bet is he won't do it which means the screwball **** that the radical left wants won't be enacted.

Remember they only really got about a year and change before they all start having to run again in the House......

COULD they go all-in on insane things? Yes. But I'll take the under on that bet.

Now if you happen to be Trump, his family, or former Cabinet members and such, well, I hope you haven't done anything illegal with the Statute of Limitations because if you have you're going to get it up the ass. In fact I'll bet NY indicts Trump within the next three months and goes after every member of his family too, save probably Baron simply because he's too young to nail for anything yet.

I don't give a flying **** if you're offended.

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