Globalization Is Good. For The Rapists.
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2019-08-15 10:40 by Karl Denninger
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Globalization Is Good. For The Rapists.
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Globalization is good.

We shouldn't force all these jobs back here if you want to sell in the US.

It's "fabulous" that Levis, and others, can get work done for pennies an hour, instead of dollars.  The sexual assault is free, you see, and it's part of your "wage".

Oh, and if the abused are slant-eyed, brown or black?  That's ok too.  It's raciss to point out that those who have and continue to exploit such bullcrap are inherently abusive, the firms doing so are inherently involved in the slave trade, that such was allegedly made illegal by the 13th Amendment but it's all ok as long as it's done for money.

Not like it was previously done for....... oh wait, that was money too, right?

The labor rights group investigated Taiwan-based Nien Hsing Textile factories in Lesotho — a poor, mountainous kingdom encircled by South Africa — after hearing from a number of sources that women who sew, sand, wash and add rivets to blue jeans and other clothes were facing gender-based violence.

Managers and supervisors forced many female workers into sexual relationships in exchange for job security or promotions, the report says. In dozens of interviews, the women described a pattern of abuse and harassment, including inappropriate touching, sexual demands and crude comments.

Of course the companies claim "well, these are outside suppliers and we're not responsible.  But we'll agree to outside oversight."

Uh huh.

Levi Strauss & Co. vice president of sustainability Michael Kobori said that as soon as the company received the Worker Rights Consortium report it told Nien Hsing “that this would not be tolerated and required them to develop a corrective action plan.” 

I thought sexual assault was a crime?  "Corrective action plan"?  You mean hide it where we can't see it any more, right?

Rola Abimourched, a senior program director at the Worker Rights Consortium, said the Lesotho agreement should serve as a model for the rest of the apparel industry to prevent abuse and harassment.

“Hopefully this is something others will see and build on, so we can collectively make an impact far beyond any single country,” she said.

Of course the entire point of putting the "apparel industry" there was to abuse workers in the first place.  It is precisely because you can do that over there that they moved the factories to those locations originally.  Whether the abuse is sexual or simply a function of pay and working conditions -- it's still abuse.

Which we, as Americans, not only tolerate but our "Just-US" system refuses to hold companies that sell here, in America, to account for.

Of course were you or I to try something like this we'd be criminally charged as accessories before the fact.

But those folks?


Just billions of dollars made on the backs of slaves.

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User Info Globalization Is Good. For The Rapists. in forum [Market-Ticker]
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yup, visited a bag factory a couple years ago that makes bags for some seriously major labels here in the US in China. During our tour it was obvious as hell that they had removed a LARGE % of the workforce, 3/4 of the work stations were not manned but it was clear they had been in use and also that there was NO WAY that the workers present were doing the whole line, which was literally like folks had stepped away.. I am talking a couple hundred or more empty stations on 9 different factory floors the size of a football field with tens of thousands of bags in progress. The line was stopped and they told us that it was just the "Quality control" stage and this not many workers needed..of course how they could do quality control on thousands of bags all in different stages of production and stop the line for the 3 hours we were there was never explained, nor did it have to be. I explained very forcefully as we left to my local contact that had arranged and recommended that factory to me that he was never to bring me to a factory that uses child labour. Long story short, next morning he never showed up to take us on the next scheduled factory tours of other vendors.

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Orange County, CA
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As a comparison please remember that if you were an American citizen and you had intercourse with an underage person in Thailand you could be prosecuted for that upon return to the United States. This is one of those rare cases where one would like to make the argument that corporations are people...

Gun Control: because what's the fun of being in the Majority if the Minority are able to defend themselves?
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"That's therapist, Mr. Connery"


On a serious note, off shoring has always been an issue. Why do people think it's acceptable today???

Preparing to go fishing.

I can't take the level of theft any longer.
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Because it appears the majority of Americans are narcissists who stare at Chinese devices all day. They want it cheap, crappy, and disposable. Not affordable and built to last.
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I worked at a dozen or more tech companies and I can tell you nearly all employers abuse their employees to the extent they can. I got to know these high-paid workers personally and I can tell you, under the surface they are very unhappy.

They have mortgages and families, and the employers know they cannot afford to lose that job for even a few months. So they ratchet up the workload and pressure. If you want that 2% raise you better stay late, and answer your phone/email at 11 pm, and on weekends. Lord help you if you get in the lower 20% of reviews and get laid off.

Of course, your day starts and ends with a stress filled commute with lots of angry drivers on clogged freeways. They are all fat. They have no time for exercise and the carbs are a form of self medication.

I decided at a young age I wasn't going to play that game any longer than necessary. So I stayed debt free, made myself an investment expert, and saved as aggressively as I could. As my independence grew I started politely telling employers I didn't need them. That got me fired a couple of times, but it feels great to have your dignity.
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I am having trouble with this whole thing.

I watched that show, a miniseries called Mad Men that PERFECTLY mirrored the time, period and place of 1950s men. The main character might as well have been my dad. I could smell his cologne through the monitor. I could smell the smell of his suit. Part Bourbon, part cigarette smoke and part kickass winner.

Like the protagonist in this TV show, my dad was a jumped-up mountain boy that got swept up in this wave of post-war wealth, no other way to describe it, suddenly in the space of 1 generation we went from poverty to almost unimaginable wealth.

My father hooked up with the IBM corporation. That was like riding on a magic carpet. Our family friends to this day are all retired from NASA, Boeing, Northrop, Raytheon, the guys that make the big bad toys.

The thing is that this show called Mad Men, even though it so perfectly re-created every look and feel and even the smell of Lysol in the house...they showed this alcohol induced frenzy of spousal abuse and utter failure of masculine morality, rank hedonism, men cheating on their wives and out drinking EVEN ME?

No. No no no no no. That did not happen. Nope. Absolutely not.

For one thing, any instability was viewed as a liability to IBM corp. Family falling apart? Can't make things work? You just got passed on a promotion. You got shuffled off into a corner until you got it together. We represent America. Back when that used to mean something.

But more than this, our secretaries were on a pedestal. Many is the time when I called my father's secretary "my other mother" because she knew EVERYTHING. She knew when we needed school clothes, she knew when we were scheduled to get our teeth cleaned at the dentist, she knew when we called in late afternoon to tell us to do our homework and MAYBE, MAYBE she will let us talk to dad. "Your father is very busy, what do you need?"

I need to talk to my dad. I remember demanding to talk to my dad and I said the words "damn it". Denise was like YOU NEVER TALK TO ME LIKE THAT YOUNG MAN OR I WILL COME AND WASH YOUR MOUTH OUT WITH SOAP AND MAKE YOU GARGLE ON IT.

Her name was Denise. She ran everything like Hitler's favorite pony. Wanna talk about fascism? She walked with lead boots. You could feel the ground tremble. This was when the IBM Selectric Typwriter was this thing you could use to bludgeon people to death with, it weighed more than bricks.

Whatever. This "culture of abuse" did not exist to us. I flat out reject notions of our women being sex objects as institutionalized victims. In the culture at the time, these were the emancipated free women. They were very capable and proud and self assured. They were compensated rather well too. $60k plus cradle to grave health insurance? In the mid 1970s? That was money back then brothers.

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Karl: What is your take on the De-Globalization narrative Tree House is running with?
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A True American Patriot!
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Eh, that's a bit simplistic...... maybe I'll do a Ticker on this.

Winding it down.
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@Hot-dog-guy -- i agree with what you say about the IBM culture and know many from that time as well as the narrative of female abuse at the time being a modern myth. however, the society of the time was living in an era of unearned prosperity planting the actual seeds of the near financial doom the country will experience and fomenting every boom and bust along the way. it was the beginning of a shift to business culture over historical culture and the consumer society. the fact that a corporation took interest in the personal lives of its employees while logical from a leadership point of view brings us to the dangerous cult of today where some personal activity or statement can affect employment and the long lasting necessity of an employer regulating things like health. the death of self-employment is one effect. corporations became the high priests that everyone does not wish to offend.

IBM also had a policy of not terminating ineffective employees which was set in stone until very late in the 90s. it was seen as hurting morale. Japan had a similar. how did it work out for both of them? IBM would also shelve products that competed with existing products. How did it work out for them? where is IBM in the grand scheme of their native industry?

what a lot of people see as a high point in society and business was actually the aberration and not based in fundamentals.

not meant to put down IBM as they are just one example of something which was not fundamentally sound. if i am incorrect, why are not their businesses still whirring away during the past four decades of technology innovation and production. do not blame offshoring exclusively. a component of its desirability is the inflexibility and high cost of overcompensated labor up and down the company directory. by not offshoring we would have been forced to address that here and it would not have been the same as the golden age described.

There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.
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i too watch mad men, even though i was born in the 70's.

How did we go from Rosie the Riveter to this thematic institutional misogyny?
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