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2019-06-09 09:50 by Karl Denninger
in Stupidity , 238 references Ignore this thread
A Special Brand Of Crazy
[Comments enabled]

Notice anything lately?

The level of insanity in the population, including but not limited to politicians, is way up the last couple of years.

Do you really think humans in America suddenly got irradiated by some sort of cosmic ray or something?  No.

It's the ridiculous level of stress from the all the lies; you literally can't count them all any more.

The result, however, you can clearly see all around you.  Half the nation is deranged at a literal level of insanity over losing an election and a significant percentage of that half is perfectly willing to engage in at least assault and battery against anyone who believes differently.  More than a few of them are probably willing to escalate that to murder if challenged.  Even more are willing to flatly make up allegations of all sorts to try to overturn that election and what flows from it, including baseless accusations against people (ref: Justice Kavanaugh) of multiple instances of forcible, violent, drug-addled rape.

Judge Moore got the same treatment, basically, and they added child sexual exploitation there too -- a very serious felony.  The accusers in both cases, as soon as the political purpose was over, faded into society never to be seen or heard from again.  Their celebrity lawyers and other representatives were never held to account for their vanishing act nor that performing same was hard evidence that the allegations were false and made for political purpose.  After all, if you were raped would you suddenly think it wasn't a crime if the person involved subsequently lost an election -- or was confirmed to the US Supreme Court?

We just had a man walk into a workplace and shoot it up in Virginia Beach.  The authorities are lying; they said he was an employee in "good standing."  Then it comes out that he resigned by email that morning.  And then reports appeared, so far unsubstantiated, that he was under investigation for a series of aggressive, even violent actions in the workplace -- so while the "good standing" employment status may have been true at the instant he did the shooting it certainly appears he was going to be facing job-related consequences for his previous actions.  Is that why he quit, sort of like Weiner "resigned"?  Oh and may I ask what turned a dude with 15 years of service into a violent, raging nutjob?  Am I supposed to believe that this was just some spontaneous thing and no outside events or serious circumstances had arisen?  Really?

Chief among that stress, incidentally, and intentionally imposed by the politicians and AGs, is the "pre-existing condition" lie that America has lapped up like dogs.  We must have force-placed "health care" (not health insurance) where you are forced to pay the bills of those who voluntarily commit slow suicide by, for example, screwing other men in the ass or being habitual drunks or druggards.  Having made that choice the cost of their decision is forced on you.  Ditto if an illegal invader comes here and has a heart attack or other medical condition; it's your problem, not theirs.  Then, to top it all off, we take a reasonable market price for all of this and multiply it by five, just to make sure you'll be bankrupted -- either immediately if you refuse to play along like a good little slave and then get sick -- and if you don't get sick they'll still screw you blind slowly through deficits and destruction of your purchasing power.

Oh, and none of this adds on to to the ordinary stress of life, right?

Never mind that's just one of the dozen of stress add-ons that the government goons have imposed in the last few decades.  None of it is an accident.  In 2008 when the market crashed Bernanke, Bush, Paulson and then Obama and his merry band doubled the national debt in the space of just a few years in order to prevent those who intentionally made crappy loans to people who couldn't pay them back from being held to account both in court and on Wall Street -- and being forced out of business!  We were all told "the world would end" if we prosecuted all the felonies committed by those "mavens" of Wall Street, including but certainly not limited to criminal fraud.  We dispossessed people of their homes via fraudulent and perjured court filings all over the United States; the banks had intentionally destroyed paperwork or failed to document loans to prevent discovery of their frauds which should have prevented foreclosure because they could not present the actual paperwork documenting the terms and alleged representations and their checks of same.  Instead of holding them accountable our government instead let them commit a second fraud and perjury besides by literally making up documents they had intentionally destroyed!

Trump has continued this; despite not one but three platform planks to put a stop to medical monopolists he has done no such thing.  In addition he has allowed illegal invaders to come into the country and stay at a run rate of more than a million per year along with fueling human trafficking that sends billions to the coyotes, most Mexicanswho exploit those "migrants" with "pay after you go" schemes since those people have no money.  The cost of all of these people, nearly all unskilled and uneducated, falls on the common American and further drives up his or her cost of living; every American family of four is bilked out of roughly $3,000 a year just due to these illegal invaders, the cost of whom is forced onto American citizens at gunpoint.  Further that's just the money cost; what's the price when your 12 year old daughter is raped by one of these animals?  Or worse when your college-age daughter in Iowa is murdered and dumped in a field?  It would take exactly zero effort to (1) shut off remittances entirely unless the sender could produce proof of citizenship and (2) require all employers to use E-Verify including for all current employees, mandating the E-Verify control number on every 941 payroll tax report, while making failure to do (or forgery) so a criminal felony with 2 years in prison, served consecutively, for each person you employ.

We're told that the "tax cuts" were positive.  Really?  Positive for whom?  If you make $50,000 a year and got a $500 tax cut that sounds pretty good.  The problem is that the Federal Government ran close to a 5% fiscal deficit last year.  In other words while you got a $500 tax increase you also absorbed a $2,500 cost of living increase; while you may not be able to identify exactly where that showed up in your household spending it did, by definition, since the emission of that credit by the government always must, mathematically, do exactly that.  If you're in the top 1% of Americans you likely got a net benefit since a huge percentage of that went into stock prices and you got the "benefit" of that, at least on paper.  But for 99% of the population on a percentage basis they got an effective zero benefit from the stock market yet they ate all of the cost and thus lost $2,000 worth of purchasing power last year alone.

Just one small example -- last year the termite policy on my house went up in price by 30%.  Now in dollar terms it wasn't huge, but in percentage terms it sure as hell was.  While I could choose to drop that if I then have an infestation guess what -- it's in me instead of on them!  I've seen roughly 10% increases in car insurance costs per year over the last decade despite, on average, my cars getting older and thus their value if smashed or stolen is less for the insurance company to pay.  There are myriad other examples but anyone who says that the tax cuts were a "net benefit" when the government is running 5% fiscal deficits, all of which immediately and permanently reflects into the cost of living every single year is out of their damn mind.

What happens when there's another $2,500 in additional household cost this year but the market is down?  Oops.

Meanwhile just over Memorial weekend we had exactly how many people shot in Chicago?  Where was the outrage and wall-to-wall coverage of that?  That happens every weekend in Chicago, incidentally; for May there were 52 killed out of 254 shot, a much higher number.

You want to know what makes Virginia Beach and Chicago different?  When a school gets shot up -- or a city office -- there's wall-to-wall coverage and a screamfest of "take all the guns", even when the guy who did it appears to have passed not just an "ordinary" background check he passed the equivalent of a rectal exam by the BATFE to buy a legal suppressor.

Here's your answer: The dude who shot up Virginia Beach's offices targeted government offices.  Same thing when it's a school -- that's a government building while the dudes having it out on the street over drugs or gang turf aren't anywhere near a government anything. Congress and other government officials are outraged not because people are dead (by body count they should be much more pissed-off about Chicago or the******of a 14 year old at gunpointbut because they know damn well that the next person who they mentally shove over the edge with their bull**** could come after THEM or THEIR families.

It's not "outrage" you see on display -- it's fear.

When you get down to it the outrage you hear from the various political factions and corners, but only for certain shootings and not others, amplified by useful idiots like Hogg, is entirely rational.  It has nothing to do with empathy for the victims whatsoever, which is why nobody gives a damn about Baltimore or Chicago.

The motivation and focus is simple self-preservation and the fervent prayer that you can be turned into a Storm Trooper in a bid to find a way to make it tougher for the next nutjob to target the people and their families who have been fully responsible for the stress every American has been placed under so the 0.1% can continue to rob you blind.

Everyone else can pound sand from inside a wooden box 6' under ground.

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User Info A Special Brand Of Crazy in forum [Market-Ticker]
Posts: 111324
Incept: 2007-08-26

East Tennessee Eastern Time
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It's not "outrage" you see on display -- it's fear.


It's justifiably immoral to deal morally with an immoral entity.

Festina lente.
Posts: 12
Incept: 2017-10-30

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All true. This country...sigh.

Just leave me alone.

I just want to be left alone, to live my own special brand of crazy (not to me, but surely to somebody somewhere) privately on my own private property. Where nobody should be anyway, unless I let them. That being the greatest value of "private" all along. But they will not leave me alone. They have to collect their tribute, daily, overtly and covertly, always.

Just leave me alone.
Posts: 660
Incept: 2009-07-23

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I want to be left alone when on public property too.
Posts: 8339
Incept: 2007-09-10

Scottsdale, AZ
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Still dubious that he Virginia shooter used a real suppressor. We can buy the fake ones for $10 and they look real, but the witnesses claim they heard the gun shots. Here is a youtube showing a gun suppressed:


Don't trust anything the news puts out anymore. They are trying piecemeal trying to remove all guns and gun components.
Posts: 1014
Incept: 2015-05-03

Vancouver WA
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These stresses have been in play decades before Obama became president and have been with us long before Trump won office. However the stress started fracturing the surface of America's unity under Obama and has only accelerated under Trump. Why was one "so loved" and the other "so hated" when neither of them are all that extraordinary?

It is hard to imagine any of us escaped this phenomenon while growing up, because even as full grown adults the phenomenon is difficult to resist. Go to any Middle School or High School and on a daily basis you can see when someone says "Oh look Sally is the greatest" and in no time at all people are wanting to hang out with Sally because she is so great. Or Timmy has cooties, people start to avoid Timmy.

Beyond the entertainment they provide in their particular venue what makes Tom Brady "great" why should we give Robert Diner-O the time of day outside his acting skills and what on God's Green Earth was so great about Michael Jackson that he could habitually molest little boys and people still "Loved" him.

How does visiting our nations capital and watching someone descend on you with their war drums beating in your face make you the most hated kid in America?

How can you be expected to defend yourself against an onslaught of unproven - Racist - Homophob -Hater allegations? Allegations that could fairly easily be proven or dis-proven with a little research and open dialog. However there are people who make their living stirring animosity and strife who don't want that research and dialog to take place.

If we as a nation are constantly forced to pick sides,that now have ever changing players - Today this team member is the greatest, tomorrow he is hated. How can we be expected to be united when it comes to subjects as important as National Security and protecting our borders from an invasion of illegals?

The people at the top, do not care about you or I, they do not care about the collective of you or I, they do not care about the whole of America and are well pleased with the dysfunction this stress is causing. Dallas TX has decided they will no longer prosecute low level crimes, but will ticket you for not wearing a seat belt - WTF??? You got nothing you can take from those that still have a little. You still have a little, now you not only have to worry about the state taking from you, but those the state just gave the right to steal your stuff to. Hmmm I wonder what THAT does to a persons' stress level.

You and/or your parents bought into the lie about paying $100K for an Engrish Lit degree only to find out how well ****ED you get by putting that thing in deferment while you spend 6 to 8 months trying to secure your barista job. I wonder what THAT does to a persons' stress level.

You decide you ain't no Engrish lit type and decide to start your own roofing business. Business License, classes, bonding, B&O, OSHA training, paying your employees health care, on and on and on - Only to find out one of the newly minted illegals started roofing without a business license, OSHA classes, or paying for their newly hired (illegals) health care, because YOU and all the rest of the tax payers get to pay for it. I wonder what THAT does to a persons' stress level.

Obama got a pass because he was black. Trump is being dumped on because he is white. This has NOTHING to do with what is best for our country and only trying to get people to pick sides out on the play ground. Oh you just gotz to like Sally cuz she is the cooooollllleeessstttt. Timmy he gotz a bad case of the cooties and you don't be want'n them, stay away from Timmy. I believe people are starting to get this figured out and this will only lead to more fracturing and more splitting along the seams. And don't expect Trump, Obama, Hittlary or any of the other DC scumbags to care, because they don't. They only care when it comes to their protection. Vegas shooting, that whole story has gone nowhere fast. School or government work place shooting, now that is something that needs to be dealt with.

You got a lot, you are safe. You got nothing you are safe. You come here illegally, you are safe. You are trying to work and live life with a few enjoyments, you will be targeted. Stress is one of those words that is very ambiguous, it means something different to everyone. It will be interesting to see how the ambiguity of the narratives being painted for us by MSM will affect people into and past the next election cycle.
Posts: 21
Incept: 2011-12-08

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There's no sense of community outside of small towns. You have the news media making everyone hate or mistrust each other. It has a terrible cost to society, but hey, they get theirs.

I was never a religious person, but now I see the value in it. Humans need a sense of community and a set of guiding principals. Without that it becomes chaos, which is what we've got now in spades.

We need to start hanging sociopaths. They're sitting around laughing as they manipulate us for fun and profit.
Posts: 33
Incept: 2019-04-03

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There's a huge teaching on this. Perhaps it's interesting that the times are playing out against different story lines.

About 20 years ago the Hopi started closing off what had been public-invited ceremonies. The public wasn't invited anymore and then not even us who had been very friendly in the past. The explanation we heard is they needed to do a strategic pull back. They needed to get back to basics.

They really meant it. Some of the dances were huge tourist draws. There were a dozen or so Hopi leading spiritual workshops and retreats and all this activity just ceased.

This went on for about 10 years and then we got an "official" word. This one was kind of a gut shot.

"Because we can no longer maintain the ceremonial calendar, you are on your own. Remember what we taught you."

Oooooooh cuh-raaaaaaaaap. Oh that's not good. The ceremonies maintained balance. Not just local, continental, global or universal, more like COSMIC. Without them, things start going boink.

Concurrent with this is the "talking rock" which charts all of human history but ends up in this increasingly jagged path. Things go up, things go down, massive instability and it ends with this big fat question mark. Kinda like the chart for BTC lols.

I take it as further evidence when you guys do your "math thing" and issue charts that spell out doom as poignantly as the talking rock. It differs in that rock describes an existential event. Economics is purely for the living.

Stuff like volcanic activity, oceans rising, weather acting up, this is all right on que. Politicians and actors going bonkers? Hmmmm...unstable people in Hollywood and DC? The very rich and the very poor getting hit first and hardest. All part of the same effect. These young people running around screaming and attacking people and genderbending? I prefer not to think where they are gonna be in 10 years. All of this to the nasal tone of Ross Perot and the Giant Sucking Sound.

This instability will naturally effect those who are out of balance first. If they were on the edge before, they just fell off it. Those who are further back from the edge just took a big step closer to it. This goes for all living things. So yeah basically for now it seems that evil is winning. And it's just getting started.

"Remember what we told you."

They told us a LOT. These guys have oral history going back thousands of years over two continents. But I can distill it as kind of a "golden rule". Expect to work hard. Expect privation. Stay on the middle path between our culture and theirs. Between good and evil. Between chaos and order. Withdraw from conflict. Be peaceful.

Posts: 3108
Incept: 2011-04-14

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We're told that the "tax cuts" were positive. Really? Positive for whom? If you make $50,000 a year and got a $500 tax cut that sounds pretty good. The problem is that the Federal Government ran close to a 5% fiscal deficit last year. In other words while you got a $500 tax increase you also absorbed a $2,500 cost of living increase; while you may not be able to identify exactly where that showed up in your household spending it did, by definition, since the emission of that credit by the government always must, mathematically, do exactly that. If you're in the top 1% of Americans you likely got a net benefit since a huge percentage of that went into stock prices and you got the "benefit" of that, at least on paper. But for 99% of the population on a percentage basis they got an effective zero benefit from the stock market yet they ate all of the cost and thus lost $2,000 worth of purchasing power last year alone.

I wonder how that $2500 a year is eating away on those who are there in the middle, putting away some 'savings' each year and who feel like they are getting nowhere? Because they aren't.

Think about it, Joe and Jane 6-six pack work all year, get an occasional raise, are at least somewhat deliberate with their money, and feel like they are falling behind every year. That has got to eat on those who are trying to work a sensible plan and make it.

Here's something I have said for about 30 years and looking back, I think it was correct. The middle of the country (not geographically, economically and socially) know that something somewhere is wrong because a strategy that should work for them is not working one freaking bit. As a result, they have been groping about politically looking for a solution. They elected Bill Clinton, then G.W.B., then Barack Obama (who did not have anywhere near enough experience), and then a reality TV blabbermouth.

Who they will elect next is anyone's guess. The major parties would both love to have "mainstream" candidates (i.e. not Trump again for the R's) but the electorate knows that mainstream is what has screwed them over so thoroughly.

We could get anything for president next year and that should scare you.


P.S. The only type of plan that I know of that will work for Joe and Jane is a Dave Ramsey type of plan where you use no debt, just pay as you go. Unfortunately, and this shows how broken things are, they still need to be lucky enough to score a job with healthcare.

Here are my predictions for everyone to see:
S&P 500 at 320, DOW at 2200, Gold $300/oz, and Corn $2/bu.
No sign that housing, equities, or farmland are in a bubble- Yellen 11/14/13
Trying to leave the Rat Race to the rats...
Posts: 157528
Incept: 2007-06-26
A True American Patriot!
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Waiting for the masses to quit electing... there are no longer answers there.

Winding it down.
Posts: 155
Incept: 2012-08-02

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@ Supernumb

Agree 100%

I remember our senior edition newspaper put out in high school some 30 odd years ago now.

They asked each Senior what we wanted most in life.

I said "to be left alone"

Meant it then and sure as hell mean it now.

Leave me alone to live my life on my own terms, as I see fit, without interference, or demands on why I must acquiesce to someone else's demands.

Of course with all the extortion and extraction schemes and the licensing for anything that you used to be able to do freely it's harder and harder to achieve.
Posts: 401
Incept: 2017-04-29

DeKalb, Illinois
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I have been a student of government for most of my life. I realized quite a few years ago that governments at all levels serve mainly as theme parks for control freaks. These deranged people simply cannot leave people alone, and so they keep messing with us. And the foolish public keeps electing these sociopaths, pychopaths, and alcoholics to "represent" them.
Posts: 80
Incept: 2013-10-15

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People in the market tell me the correction is over and this is the next leg up. I had one person state another 30% is achievable. They think the debt or QE has no consequences.

The pain is going to be brutal when reality sets in for many. I dont want more violence but fear it is where we are headed. Experiencing Antifa first hand in Portland showed me what sore losers can do.
Posts: 383
Incept: 2012-11-20

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"Stuff like volcanic activity, oceans rising, weather acting up, this is all right on que."

Weather acting up is probably the beginning of a Little Ice Age thanks to the low solar activity. Volcanic eruptions also seem to be more common when solar activity is low, but no-one really knows why.

I'm not aware of any change in the rate of change of ocean levels (aside from yet more computer models to scare people), but they should go down for some time if we really do get a Little Ice Age. Not that anyone will notice with the tiny rates we're talking about.

It is interesting that such events are considered harbingers of 'End Times' though, because Little Ice Ages have ended many societies in the past. So there may well be something to it.

But, yeah, the social stress at this point is deliberate and way beyond anything people can be expected to stand. It's the usual demoralization tactics imposed by a mostly-foreign 'elite' on the West. We're supposed to roll over and kill ourselves, but that only really works when you have an inferior culture being destroyed by a superior one, which is the opposite of what we see today. When an inferior culture tries to demoralize a superior one, it tends to infuriate them instead.

The interesting part is that it appears the 'elite' were planning to loot the West and then move to China... but the Chinese don't want them--and why would they? So as the West collapses because of their actions, the 'elite' are left with moving to bunkers in New Zealand and hoping no-one finds them; except the Kiwis are apparently refusing to hand over their guns like they were told to.

Which may go some way to explaining the number of Clinton-related deaths in the last few days. I'm sure she doesn't want to be trapped here when SHTF.
Posts: 1014
Incept: 2015-05-03

Vancouver WA
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Exppi -
Experiencing Antifa first hand in Portland showed me what sore losers can do.

As you well know Antifa only gets away with what they have because the city, county and state "leaders" allow them to harass others.

But the question I have for you is: If you think they are sore losers (Which they are) can you imagine how they would be as sore winners?
Posts: 3853
Incept: 2007-07-17

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Social media makes it worse too. Everyone envious of everyone else, with no real understanding as to why

I hate our Government, but I still love America.
Posts: 5351
Incept: 2011-04-08

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Waiting for the masses to quit electing.. there are no longer answers there.

There is until the shooting starts.

I'm not hopeful, but I'm also not totally hopeless.
Posts: 128
Incept: 2009-03-30

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Mangymutt: Right on on all of your points. And it is like school all over again...one big popularity contest -- that's why I knew Trump and Bush Jr. would win the election. People are too busy to care to investigate the facts, and too sheepified. The Donald learned decades ago, that it's not facts but perception that wins popularity contests. When people like him, the Hiltons, the Kardashians, etc. make the headlines, then you know we're F^&*ked...all signs that people are too stressed to deal with reality, so I'll add this one: Peak Stress.

Tickerguy: "Waiting for the masses to quit electing... there are no longer answers there." Exactly! That's exactly what THEY want...they want you to vote, so that they can publicly say "people are coming out to vote" to be able to say that the elected official was "chosen by the people". It's part of their CONfidence game. I'm not advocating for murder or civil war, but I know that logically-speaking, The ONLY way now for the system to be fixed is to cut off the heads of the government snakes -- that means the .1% of all the world leaders must die by revolution...simple as that. If they die by any other means, it doesn't leave a mark, scar, or any message. The .1% and future generations must know that the .1% were killed because they were corrupt, evil and took advantage of the population. If they die by "natural" causes, like old age, cancer, etc, then there's no fear of punishment. They must die at the hands of the PEOPLE just like in the French Revolution. Until then, it's all just a political ****show. Also, people will be wondering and are currently considering "What is the best system to replace capitalism?" I still think capitalism works as long as you enforce the laws...end corruption, fraud, prosecute all crimes, etc. and you end 90+% of the abuses.
Posts: 6983
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A True American Patriot!
Caution: Congress at Work
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People cannot stand those who are successful.

The last few months, I was playing an online game. Figured it out and found a way to develop resources to fund growth. Shared with my alliance member... all ships rise sort of thing.

Well, today I am giving everything away and quitting the game. Alliance became convinced I was a spy and things got... wierd... I got wind of what happened and told the leadership to go **** themselves. I divvied up my little empire to other players and am closing shop. Being successful and generous got me this. **** that noise.

jihad pressure cooker tea party guns Constitution Bill of Rights play doh squiggly line prepper home garden cluster****
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