Now You KNOW Why They Buried The CO Shooting
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2019-05-11 08:29 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 256 references Ignore this thread
Now You KNOW Why They Buried The CO Shooting
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Done yet?


Not with the media, not with the cops, not with the legislatures?

Not with Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and the rest?

Gee, why wasn't the recent CO school shooting all over the media for weeks?  Was it simply because when the politicians tried to make it about gun control a decent part of the student body walked out of their assembly in protest, which was also buried and poorly reported?

Or is it that the father of one of the shooters -- the girl who "decided" she wasn't -- is an illegal invader and a serial felon and a domestic abuser who has twice been deported?  Yet instead of getting this "fine example" out of here we let him set said example for his kid who has now gone on to shoot up a school?

Then the DemonRats who let this ********** back into the nation as said serial felon and who gave him sanctuary (Denver is an "informal" sanctuary city) and thus indirectly groomed this shooter tried to use the very death they created as a political tool for gun control to deflect attention from their own intentional policy failures that wound up getting a bunch of kids shot.

And there's plenty more too.  The school itself faces allegations that plenty of bullying and even a bomb threat were part of the "culture" at said STEM school -- which responded by threatening to sue the people reporting the problems.

Oh, and the shooters stole the guns of course -- common pistols -- since you can't buy a pistol without being 21 in the US.  No big bad black rifles here folks.

Get all the illegal invaders out of here RIGHT NOW DAMNIT.

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User Info Now You KNOW Why They Buried The CO Shooting in forum [Market-Ticker]
Posts: 5746
Incept: 2007-12-11

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Indeed. Been a bit out of the news loop lately but was wondering why it wasn't plastered all over. I usually find out about these when my scanner app blasts me an alert....
Crickets since.
Get these thugs the hell out of here. And round up the idiots shoving **** under the rug known beforehand.

Long Vaseline....

Posts: 111165
Incept: 2007-08-26

East Tennessee Eastern Time
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I guess it doesn't matter how blatantly biased you are in your reporting as long as the vast majority of people never know about it.

I'm curious (though scared) what will happen when the saturation point happens. When enough people, enough of the time, become aware of how they are manipulated.

I guess they have to care they are being manipulated too... Heh.

It's justifiably immoral to deal morally with an immoral entity.

Festina lente.
Posts: 1011
Incept: 2011-07-31

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Did anyone catch the video of all the kids walking out of the vigil the other night after a few liberal politicians used the event to push gun control? Theres still hope.

Posts: 272
Incept: 2016-02-11

Pacific Northwest
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Yah, I heard on the radio that the school district is suing a phone company so they can ID and sue an anonymous parent that called in warning about the kid a couple days before.

The left is truly evil.
Posts: 986
Incept: 2015-05-03

Vancouver WA
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Let not forget about Toxic Masculinity either.

I happened to listen to a radio report where a young girl who was in the class at the time the Dreamer and Friend pulled out weapons and tried and failed to take control of the classroom. According to her as soon as the gun man/woman got their guns out, one Kendrick Castillo rushed them - One person was able to assess the situation, consider the danger and act quickly enuff to stop Two armed people from taking over a classroom and potentially causing much more death and misery.

The actions of one toxic masculine male, stop two people who were armed and intended to to harm. This gave other toxic males the time to bull rush the bad people and subdue them while others were able to get to safety.

I do not expose myself the the news very often anymore, but the little I have gotten from them is they seem more interested in how close this school is to Columbine than how these young men, one of which paid for with his life took control of deadly situation and saved countless lives.

Very sadly Kendrick lost his life doing what the schools, law enforcement, "our" law makers could not do - Saving the lives of other people.

If that is what Toxic Masculinity is all about - Saving Lives - Acting Quickly -Protecting Others. Than I want tee shirt with Kendricks Picture the words"Toxic Male" above his picture and "Saver of Lives" below his picture.

That is the type of man we need on a box of Wheaties.

Posts: 157221
Incept: 2007-06-26
A True American Patriot!
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Exactly @Mangymutt

Winding it down.
Posts: 15669
Incept: 2007-07-05
A True American Patriot!
N 47.72/ W 122.55
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Funny thing, this walkout.

The polling on "Gen Z," (nominally born late90s to roughly 7-10 years ago), shows a few interesting things.

They are highly polarized in terms of their political and social leanings. The Whites are unbelievably conservative, and the non-Whites are unbelievably liberal, whereas the Millennials had a split, but not as much.

These Gen Z types are going to come of age in the next Civil War, and they are not having it regarding what the Boomers (and Silents) have done to their inheritance.

However, given the racial disparity inside Gen Z, it appears that wall-to-wall racial demagoguery and identity politics is about to get a yuge backlash.

It's about damned time.

Hot civil war is now inevitable.
Posts: 157221
Incept: 2007-06-26
A True American Patriot!
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@Eleua -- Yep.

My daughter is on the "front end" of that generation, sort of.

Want her guns -- and they're HER guns, personally acquired and owned, not "Daddy's" guns..... Hope you like 'em hot and empty, because while she's never said that out loud she hasn't had to.

If you surprised her you might get 'em, but you know that saying about Hell having no fury like a woman scorned? Well..... yeah.

She's a pretty good shot too.

Now on the bible banging side of things, nope, nope and nope. And on a lot of other issues, nope either. But "steal money and give it to someone else"? Uh, no. "No guns, lots of rapists?" Uh, that'd be a BIG NO.

That's the thing about that generation -- "conservative" isn't defined the way it used to be. For some it certainly is, but not nearly to the degree you think. Oh sure, there are plenty of bible-bangers, but woe be to the person who thinks that the chick who doesn't go to church in that generation is a limp-wristed socialist and thus ripe to have her door kicked in at 0-****-you-30.

You do it and you're likely to go home in a bag.

Winding it down.

Posts: 388
Incept: 2017-04-29

DeKalb, Illinois
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I suspect that the leftstream media does not want to raise the mental health issue since one of the alleged shooters is a tranny.
Posts: 151
Incept: 2018-01-29

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What I have seen about Generation Z

They will be more pro gun
They are not going to be PC.
Tend to be more pro life
Tend to be more pro gay
They are having much less sex and booze than we did.

Have no real attachment to socialism or capitalism. They are words in a history book.

In short, they don't fit with current definitions.
Posts: 198
Incept: 2009-03-05

Sunny UK
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Redjack - you forgot one
They are more nihilistic.

Lots of 'em just checking out early and living life as they please. Not in the way regressives do, but still, they've seen the writing on the wall and want nothing to do with it.

That's most likely part of why they have less sex. Not so much to do with being conservative, more to do with **** like #MeToo and seeing the dangers involved in relationships these days. Is getting your dick wet worth having your whole life ruined by one false accusation?

If you've seen the recent news of the girl who directly got an older man killed with a false accusation... well, you can see their point.
Posts: 371
Incept: 2010-06-10

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I guess that this shows how little I watch the MSM, this was the first that I heard of this shooting. I had to go to your link to read about it. just think ,if the MSM doesn't blow it way out of proportion we could be normal again
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