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2018-07-13 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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First Amendment Secures The Second
[Comments enabled]

What happens when you actually read the Constitution and then decide you're going to actually find your balls?

You win.

Instead, Wilson has spent the last years on an unlikely project for an anarchist: Not simply defying or skirting the law but taking it to court and changing it. In doing so, he has now not only defeated a legal threat to his own highly controversial gunsmithing project. He may have also unlocked a new era of digital DIY gunmaking that further undermines gun control across the United States and the world—another step toward Wilson's imagined future where anyone can make a deadly weapon at home with no government oversight.

Two months ago, the Department of Justice quietly offered Wilson a settlement to end a lawsuit he and a group of co-plaintiffs have pursued since 2015 against the United States government. Wilson and his team of lawyers focused their legal argument on a free speech claim: They pointed out that by forbidding Wilson from posting his 3-D-printable data, the State Department was not only violating his right to bear arms but his right to freely share information. By blurring the line between a gun and a digital file, Wilson had also successfully blurred the lines between the Second Amendment and the First.

There is no line to blur.

Wired is notoriously left and, like most Leftists, only likes certain parts of the Constitution.  Abortion is a sacrament while self-defense is a privilege.

Never mind that without recognizing and protecting the right to self-defense all the other so-called rights are worthless.

Just ask any of the economic slaves in Malaysia, China or elsewhere where there is neither a First or Second Amendment.

There is always some jackwad that claims the "reason" we need "common sense" gun control is so that some nutjob doesn't get their hands on one and do an evil thing with it.  This a bald-faced lie; every single one of those people is either brainwashed or an entitled child demanding the ability to screw others with impunity.

They want you disarmed because they intend to do you economic or physical harm and are very interested in making damn sure you can't shoot back -- not shoot first.

Witness the recent "Antifa" jackwad who tried to use a tire iron on a marcher who had a different viewpoint.  Unfortunately for him his intended victim was rather skilled in in the use of his hands; after he swung said tire iron at his intended victim and missed he was decked and out cold with one punch.

Do you think said Antifa dude is pro-gun control?  Of course he is; he sure as hell didn't want to swing that tire iron and get shot in response.

He chose his intended victim poorly but what if his intended target had been a 5'-nothing 90lb woman?  She would have been seriously injured or killed -- unless she had a gun, of course, in which case the odds would be even.

The facts are that the majority of all "gun deaths" are suicides.  A person who intends suicide has myriad means to accomplish their goal; even if you were able to eliminate all guns you would not prevent more than a tiny fraction of those suicides from being completed.  They would just change in method.

The majority of the rest of the gun deaths are gang-related shootings, nearly all black-on-black, in our inner cities.  Nobody wants to talk about that or the root cause of same.  Our trade policies are largely responsible for this; it is a fact that the destruction of both the nuclear family unit intentionally caused by those playing "free trade" and exporting of jobs, along with replacing those jobs with welfare, particularly aimed at single women with kids, is a huge and direct causative factor.  What do you expect all of those who are on the left side of the intelligence bell curve to do for a living when you destroy all the jobs they formerly held?  Is it a big shock that many of them will decide that rather than starve they'd prefer to deal drugs or become a pimp?  Since both are illegal exactly how do you expect them to settle disputes as you can't exactly sue your competitor in the street drug marketplace!

We could address part of this by decriminalizing all drugs, much as they did in Portugal.  Not only did they halt the spread of HIV by doing so they also wound up with fewer (but not zero, of course) addicts.  Literally all of the "horrifying" predictions made for an allegedly "explosive" increase in drug use didn't occur.  What did happen was a major decrease in crime associated with drug use along with their primary goal in same -- a massive reversal in drug-driven disease transmission.  But in the US we're far more concerned with "full employment" for cops and prison company employees instead of public health, say much less violent crime.

The rest of the issue is addressable through tariffs, shockingly enough to the left and right.  If you make it uneconomic to employ slave labor in Malaysia to make screws for iPhone frames the jobs will come back here.  Ditto if you make uneconomic to employ people at $4/hour to make cars in Mexico which none of the people making them can afford to buy.  In both cases (along with millions of others) those jobs, nearly all filled by people on the left side of the intelligence bell curve, can be performed in the United States and are certainly preferable to anyone with any brainpower whatsoever to risking being shot dealing drugs on a street corner -- if you can get that job and make a living at it.

Both require shutting down the lies on both the left and right related to so-called "free trade" which are in fact nothing more than a legal system to encourage and permit modern-day slavery.

The problem with both the left and right is that they don't want to honor the entire Constitution -- just the parts they agree with.  The Second Amendment is integral to protection of all the other Constitutional components, in that if you are the intended victim of an aggression in violation of your Constitutional and basic human rights you may choose to employ the only effective means of self-defense irrespective of your sex, age, size or disability.

This does not mean you will triumph in such a confrontation, of course, but it substantially evens the odds.

I remind you that all regulation of firearms, components and ammunition, save that of the actual sale of firearms across a state line, that is actual interstate commerce, is prohibited by the Constitution.  This does not mean that the government may not punish those who commit some other offense while using a firearm -- such as robbery, assault, murder,******and similar.  On the contrary; such offenses are just as punishable as is an arson in which someone uses a match or a butane lighter; both are arsons and the implement used to cause the arson is not at issue.

We have here one man who has a pair of balls.

Now where are the other 150 million-odd alleged men in the United States, and where are their balls?

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User Info First Amendment Secures The Second in forum [Market-Ticker]
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Incept: 2011-04-14

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It is a funny thing, that word "left".

The loudmouths on the left by and large consider themselves to be "intellectuals" yet they advocate for policies that screw the people on the "left" side of the IQ bell-curve the most. Once you filter out the screaming and the virtue-signaling their actions and policies say "F the poor".

Personally, I believe that I am "my brother's keeper". To me that means, as a person out on the right side of the IQ bell-curve, that I should advocate for laws and policies and behaviors that allow my brother to provide for himself. That in part means wage and pollution tariffs so that my brothers on the left side of the bell-curve can have jobs. It also means that I support the US doing what Portugal did when it comes to drugs. It also means that we should do away with the crazy idea that "everyone can go to college" and a number of changes when it comes to high-school, trade schools, and college. I could go on but that is enough for now.


Here are my predictions for everyone to see:
S&P 500 at 320, DOW at 2200, Gold $300/oz, and Corn $2/bu.
No sign that housing, equities, or farmland are in a bubble- Yellen 11/14/13
Trying to leave the Rat Race to the rats...
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DeKalb, Illinois
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What is also funny is the "conservative" insistence on a War on Drugs. This was initially started by Progressives, who, along with wanting Prohibition, sought to end all the evil in society, through Big Government, and wanted to abolish other forms of intoxication. We had plenty of opium addicts in the form of Civil War soldiers, who became addicted to morphine and other opiates due to the pain caused by their wounds. But, before the Progressive takeover of the country around the time of the Great War, people could go into their local drug store and buy opiates in several forms, without a prescription. This horrified the Blue Nosed Progressives, who were just sure that they could create Heaven on Earth through using Big Brother methods.

So, we have a situation where "conservatives" are seeking to conserve a Progressive delusional public policy.
Posts: 20
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I by reflex mentally divide the left into the I want free s@#t and the SJW's. I can see how the very well off and their progeny can gravitate to that and the ones who are brainwashed in liberal colleges and places like Bezerkly, but growing up in middle class Chicago I never understood how some people, including a few relatives adopted this stance. I did notice over the years some common denominators, their family was not religious or avowed atheists, their mothers were non aggressive, their fathers were loons and to a man dodged WW II for whatever reason and worked in non physical jobs.

Family get togethers were entertaining with my father, a crusty WWII vet who landed in Normandy D day plus 3 as an AA sergeant exchanging views
Posts: 8018
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Scottsdale, AZ
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The left wants all the power and shutting down the first amendment is part of their plan. They need to disarm America in order to do this and that isn't happening anytime soon. They arm Antifa to bully regular Americans and cover them up so that they can't be identified. The new Anti-Antifa bill being sponsored in Congress doesn't have one democrat backing it. They despise websites and media that expose them for what they are...Terrorists. They have Google and FB doing everything in their power to slow down these patriotic sites and block them when they can. If they could cancel out the 1st and 2nd amendments, they would do it and then the speech police would take over like they have in the EU. When someone criticizes someone and gets fined or thrown in jail for a FB comment, then we have problems.
We have certain freedoms that were being attacked from all angles in the past 30 years. Once the people woke up in the last election and understood the term "FAKE NEWS", then the left started freaking out. They were exposed and didn't know what to do. The lies coming from the media became obvious, and now everyone questions everything they hear. The biggest fraud hasn't been exposed in the name of Wall Street. Fake news is everywhere and the propaganda machine is still at full tilt. We will need our guns when these lies are exposed to everyone because nothing will keep the ponzi alive.
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The NRA helped exactly zero percent and has still, as of yet, issued a statement congratulating Mr. Wilson and thanking him for his service to the 2A and our nation. I (don't) wonder why?

Another aspect of decriminalization of drugs is that it all comes out in the open. all the ugly, all the warts, all of it. This is important. Right now it's a sorted affair that happens in some other place to some other people and children don't see the results. When every 9 year old boy and girl can see the plain result of drug use and addiction there is no longer a need for 'just say no' campaigns and other platitudes. The children instantly get it; 'I don't want to be like that.'
Posts: 669
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Orange County, CA
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I have begun to believe that part of the new anti-gun push is because the general population is beginning to turn against the War on Drugs; if the War were to end before general disarmament everyone would notice the (at least) 40% decrease in killings.

It's not an issue of "cooperation" vs "go it alone": it's a question of involuntary vs voluntary relationships.
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Absurdistan, USSA
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Now we need to work on tearing down Sovereign Immunity and restoring access to the Grand Jury.
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