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2018-05-15 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Technology , 148 references Ignore this thread
No, They're Not Stopping....
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I tire of this crap.

May 12 11:43:51 HD-MCP HD-MCP[30449]: SSL ACCEPT Error [http request] on [::ffff:]
May 12 11:43:52 HD-MCP last message repeated 130 times

That would be in Russia.

Then there's this one:

May 12 11:42:15 HD-MCP HD-MCP[30449]: SSL ACCEPT Error [http request] on [::ffff:]
May 12 11:42:15 HD-MCP last message repeated 169 times

That's Brazil.

May 11 22:01:36 HD-MCP HD-MCP[30449]: SSL ACCEPT Error [http request] on [::ffff:]
May 11 22:01:36 HD-MCP last message repeated 220 times

And that's from our great friends the NAFTA folks -- Mexico.

Where's my "nuke the source of that crap until it glows" button?

No, they're not an "innocent" series of accidents.  Not with well north of 100 attempts each within a few seconds.  Nor are they isolated -- that's just a small sample.

Oh, if you want to know why you need something like HomeDaemon instead of software written in a "high level" (high-overhead) language, this sort of garbage would be why -- it laughs such attempts off, even on $35 hardware.

With a "bit" more overhead.... it won't be as non-disruptive of an experience for you.

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User Info No, They're Not Stopping.... in forum [Market-Ticker]
Posts: 7
Incept: 2017-08-30

McCormick SC
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The only reason I dont have home internet is because, Im worried about privacy. I will not have a smart TV, thermostat or alexa thingy. Will the software you use protect a wi fi router? I want myself and my wife to be able to surf the net and check emails with having to worry that someone is eavesdropping.
Posts: 417
Incept: 2008-02-23

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Yikes! I thought my SIP trunks were probed excessively until I found a way to hide them behind NAT. I'd see a couple of hundred scans per day, not per few seconds!
Posts: 22
Incept: 2017-07-25

Tulsa, OK.
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I find it interesting that this kind of thing is just considered normal and acceptable, but if you or I or anyone else attempt to Actively discourage this (through any kind of return probing, repeat pinging, etc), well, That's Illegal!

Weve tried the Soap Box, They censored that.
Weve tried the Ballot Box, They stuffed that.
Weve tried the Jury Box, They tamper with that.
All we have left is the Cartridge box.
Posts: 625
Incept: 2007-11-27

gig harbor wa
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For those that are trying to learn. Are these random attacks that happen to everyone or do you think they are targeted because you are "out there/here" so to speak?
Posts: 152887
Incept: 2007-06-26
A True American Patriot!
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They look pretty random to me.

The IP address/location of that device is NOT published. Sure, it's able to be figured out, but this isn't like the Ticker site (which IS very "out there") being hit on -- this is a machine behind my firewall with a hole punched in it so it can be accessed remotely.

Winding it down.
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