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 The Bill To Fix Health Care - Permanently
Dennisglover 1k posts, incept 2012-12-05
2017-04-02 08:25:05

That kind of nonsense ignores completely the most basic root cause of the whole mess by imagining a "unicorns and skittles scenario" where some model might work better.

The problem with that wishful-thinking feel-good-ism is that it addresses the problem of human nature not at all!

The Sherman Act, the entire basis of Title 15 of the United States Code, will be 127 years old before January 1. It, along with Sherman, Robinson-Patman, and all the other laws comprising Title 15, have long been ignored, and mostly by we, the people first, and by government second. So long as that condition obtains, no proposed "solution" stands a chance, because human nature inevitably will pervert, misapply, and bring to no effect every such non-solution!

We do not have "better angels" to help us out in this kind of thing! What we have, if anything is to be improved, is (right now) the barest hope for punishment being doled to the offenders, either by government, or by a suddenly enraged, furious, and hungry populace who have watched the entire magnificent edifice melt into nothing, and that practically overnight.

Again I say, "Enforce the Law that exists! Appeal on the basis of common ground, of common need, by all means, most certainly, and hopefully make 'converts' that way. But always know that the ultimate end is restoring the primacy of Law as it must exist for there to be a civil and just society! Do not offer some socialist, 'single-payer' (where everyone pays) idea, when the only possible answer is enforcing the existing Law! Doing that will only increase my anger."

Does anyone even begin to imagine that a new Law will be obeyed, when our general, standard, and confirmed attitude and response to all Law is to ignore it?

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