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 The Bill To Permanently Fix Health Care For All
Boron 6 posts, incept 2021-01-22
2022-04-18 12:17:05

I am looking at this as an endodontist (retired 12 years). I would like to approach your suggestions stanza by stanza.
"All providers must post, in their offices and on a public web site without any requirement to sign in or otherwise identify oneself to access it, a full and complete price list which shall apply to every person."
My price today (should I still be in active practice) for root canal therapy (tooth #3/#14), not inclusive of diagnosis, not inclusive of radiographs (diagnostic/in treatment), not inclusive of gingival surgery or possible future apical surgery, not inclusive of number of visits, not inclusive of anesthesia: local, nitrous oxide, or general induced by anesthetist/anesthesiologist of patient's choice (and hired by and paid by patient for the procedure) would range anywhere from $0.00 to $250,000.00.
Just as each tooth is different and each patient's medical/emotional/dental requirements are different, each short/long term outcome may be different.
As the treating endodontist, my only problem regarding fee is that I must offer the patient my services at a somewhat reasonable fee stated prior to beginning the procedure after speaking with the patient for a period of five to twenty minutes.
Have I ever been surprised! More than once.
Please remember: I can always lower my fee after explaining that I found the situation less complicated than it appeared at first: I cannot raise my fee!
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