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 The Bill To Fix Health Care - Permanently
Dennisglover 1k posts, incept 2012-12-05
2017-04-04 06:50:13

All right, Susan Marie and Dave (Trinityalpsgal and Lobo), here we go, then. I am honored and gratified that you have responded. Once again, as I reflected on November 9, 2017, I say, "We have got a chance now, and we didn't have it before. It's time to pick up the plow and not lay it down. Let's Roll!"

That's my first observation. The first question comes next: What's the best way to communicate? I think that we should avoid social media (which I don't use) and "free email" accounts. If the inter-user email on here works, I'd say I trust Karl's security sense more than I do just about anyone's. If that doesn't work, then I could set up a small number of emails on my domain, which is now paid for until mid-2019, and would gladly do so. Of course, my email service is in fact "in the cloud", hosted in Phoenix on a shared server farm, and that could be less than the best, but I prefer not to pay for a dedicated server, so there it is, for good or for ill.

So, what say you? My email address is simply, and I can set up a filter to segregate your mail from the general flow of stuff I get every day; that's easy. Please voice your concerns at your convenience. We need to trust each other if we're going to be saying things that make sense and telling each other where we're going blindly and stupidly wrong (believe me, I can do that!), and if we're going to be encouraging each other, too.

You might read some or all of my existing blog posts (few as they are), at and try to figure out how my mind "operates". I have 17 published and 21 in draft. There is a way to grant collaboration-type access to verified email addresses, and if you wish to join me in collaborating on the piece I started on April 1, "The Bezzle Has Been Bizzle", maybe we could follow through with that. Please tell me what you think, about any idea I might offer! Don't hold anything back; I'm not so big a fellow as I used to be (thanks to HFLCMP, Karl, a stubbornness that leaves doubt as to that attributed to the lowly but amazing mule, and a lot of encouragement), but I'm plenty old.

You two have kindly offered, so I can only reply in like fashion, and do say that to have that kind of affirmation is indeed a very good thing. So let's carry it forward, please, and with all needed haste. If you're "aboard" the Good Ship Lollypop, then let's a-weigh some anchor and get under sail or steam!

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