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 What *IS* This Nonsense? (Electric Cars)
Wb6yyz 242 posts, incept 2009-03-16

Everyone keeps thinking in terms of a road trip lasting hundreds of miles. But the length of an average car commute according to is 15.3 miles one way. Even if you can't recharge at your job, that's still only 30.6 miles, well within reach of existing battery technology and overnight charging at home. Some are going to argue that the data is lopsided, however the site referenced above breaks it down further. Adding up all the responses for 1-25 miles one way, show that electric cars as they now stand are practical for 85% of commuters. Most households own multiple cars, only one car needs to be long range. Those who are unable or unwilling to own more than one car can always rent a petrol or diesel powered car for road trip vacations or other special trips.
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