Told 'Ya So: Tea Party = DOUCHE NOZZLES
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2011-01-05 20:32 by Karl Denninger
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Told 'Ya So: Tea Party = DOUCHE NOZZLES *
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It took less than six hours for me to be able to wave the "told 'ya so" flag:

An early push by New Jersey Republican Rep. Scott Garrett to add some teeth to the GOPs new Constitution rule requiring every bill cite its specific constitutional authority failed in a Republican conference meeting Tuesday.

What was the rule?  That you couldn't claim "general welfare" or "necessary and proper" as justification - you had to point to an actual enumerated power.

The very so-called "Tea Party" and "Conservative" members of Congress could not even agree to cite a specific clause in The Constitution that enabled legislation to be brought to the floor.

Oh, it gets better.  The actual proposed rule would not have prevented passing something that nobody could manage to find a clause in The Constitution that enabled the bill.  It in fact only required that a point of order be raised if the language was not present, allowing a gigantic and overwhelming 20 minutes of debate (10 each side) before a simple majority could vote to table the objection and move forward anyway - Constitution be damned.

The Committee rejected that watered-down milquetoast rule!

That would be enough to call the Tea Party and so-called "Conservatives" we sent to Washington a failure on the day they took their oaths of office all by itself.

But no, that wasn't enough for them.  They had to make damn sure that I could get out the megaphone and holler from the rafters that every single thing we were sold by these clowns during the campaign - the entire Palin thing, the entire "we're gonna take back Washington!" screed was an out-and-out fraud from the very first breath that passed their lips.

Remember, the claim by the Republicans (including but not limited to The Tea Party) was that they would cut the budget by $100 billion?  Which, I might remind you, would have been less than five percent of the deficit this year.

Well, it turns out that was a lie too.

Even some Tea Party types who are sticking to the original goal concede that it'll be hard to reach as long as the GOP exempts -- as it plans to -- funding for defense, homeland security, veterans and entitlements.

So we simply exempt the more than half the budget, then say "well, we can't get there."

By how much can't we get there?

And over in the Senate, a top GOP aide told me that the real bottom line is a max of $30 billion for the rest of this fiscal year.

What was the deficit again for the calendar year that just closed?

Oh, that was $1,700 billion, give or take a few.

So we're talking about.... one point seven six percent of the deficit?

Yes, 1.76%.


Washington spends that $30 billion, incidentally, in roughly three days.

LIARS and FRAUDS, every last one of you. 

Anyone remember this Ticker?

I, and FedUpUSA, ought to sue anyone using this moniker for their so-called "political affiliation" for defamation.

Yeah, that's a joke.

But so are you.

All of you.

Especially Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Bob Barr, and douchebag groups such as the "Tea Party Patriots."

Or the follow-ups to it, like, for instance, this?

But telling me that I'm voting to "fix things" if I go to the polls and vote Republican in a couple of weeks is a flat lie.  I will get no such thing, as the standard-bearer for the Right-Side Party, Tea or otherwise, at this point is Sarah Palin who I remind you suspended HER campaign along with McCain's to blow Lloyd Blankfein and company in 2008.

Right up above is your "fix" that we voted for.  That America sent The Faux Tea Party to Washington DC.  The above is the "result" of "America speaking loudly at the ballot box."

I was called all sorts of names by other so-called "Tea Party" folks after my string of posts, from people who said I had no right to speak at all and those who simply said "you're wrong - we'll do it - you'll see."

Admit it you jackasses, every last one of you: You were dead fucking wrong, you were lying to the American public the entire time, and I was right.

It took less than SIX HOURS after the swearing in of the new Congress to prove you were full of crap.  You couldn't even manage to wait for one day before repudiating the two most-important things you claimed you were going to do - quit blowing money we don't have and actually follow The Constitution.

When the market figures out that irrespective of the grandiose claims you were completely full of crap, expect the bond market to go bananas.  Or Bernanke will go bananas and so will the commodity markets. 

Doesn't really matter - either way the American People - especially the middle class and below - are going to get financially raped.


And this time, it's your - and only your - responsibility, because you told us you'd stop it.


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