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 CHRISTmas Musings.....
Mo 12k posts, incept 2007-06-26

It's all so crazy disgusting, isn't it?

We've been collapsing from the bottom up for going on 3 years now. Sometime in 2011, probably in the summer, states and cities are going to run out of cash for government employees and their clients. Thousands of contractors will go unpaid and big layoffs will occur. Obama will blame Congress for the lack of state and local skittles. Governors will scream it's not their fault. Both local and state governments will be SOL. This coming year.

But no one in the government or the media has been allowed to talk about this eventuality. Meredith Whitney scratched the surface the other day, and that was met with hysterical denials by the state economic organ, CNBC.

The first action they take is to shut down discussion and assure everyone that 'it's contained'. I assume this is what they will do when civil disorder begins.

The only justice is - most of them will be in the environs of NYC and DC when TSHTF. Too bad, so sad.

Welcome to Pottersville
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