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 To The Tea Party (And Related Organizations)
Joe-bob 2k posts, incept 2007-09-18

Beautiful - and this describes exactly what we need right now. Our nation's very existence, not to mention its existence as a republic functioning under the rule of law with equal justice for all is at stake right now. All issues that distract from this must be ACTIVELY resisted wherever and whenever possible - those coming from both the left AND the right.

ie a tea party candidate would go far in answering any wedge issue questions put to them with a description of how these issues (again, both "left" and "right") have been harmful to our political process and a pledge/promise to attempt to vote down, deny a hearing on, etc any of the wedge issues currently used to divide us - for the duration of their time in office if elected. A promise to do ones best to publicly embarrass the wedge issue politicians, to shame them for their tactics, would, I think, win extra support AND help change the terms on which campaigns are run going forward to one that is more civic-minded and less rabble-rousing.

There's a VERY useful piece of logic in this. Here's an example: Hockey players have historically resisted wearing face-covering headgear even though it would greatly reduce facial/dental/vision/hearing damage over the course of one's career. When polled, it turned out that if EVERYONE were required to wear the protective headgear, they were in favor of doing so. The explanation for this seeming contradiction - a refusal to wear the better helmets while being in favor of switching to them - was that those with the current helmets had a much wider field of vision - anyone keeping the old style helmets would have an advantage over the others with the safer helmets. If everyone adopted them, there would be no one at a disadvantage and EVERYONE would be better off!

Those not on board with social/religious conservatism are of course worried that their heartfelt concerns about corruption in politics and business will end up being USED AGAINST THEM by the tea party candidates to advance a social agenda. (At least with a near 50/50 split on the wedge issues, both sides tend to get restrained in advancing their issues.) You can't convince the other team to adopt the safer helmets because it's the right thing to do, only to beat the crap out of the other side by running rings around them and blindsiding them over and over cause you kept the old ones yourself. Don't just go silent on those issues - we've got to actively fight them BEING issues.


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