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 To The Tea Party (And Related Organizations)
Throxxofvron 10k posts, incept 2009-02-17

I kinda hate to ask for You to do a bunch of work after Your battle with the TF Server this last week; but, You might need to do a YouTube Video on this Karl.

Exlaining 'Wedge Issues' by quoting a dictionary or wiki and then having a little chat about how these are used to divide the electorate and allow marginal voters to control outcomes would clarify the whole issue.

'Tea Party Tactics' or some such title would get a lot of hits especially over the next few months...

DIONYSUS: " Thou hast no knowledge of the life thou art leading; thy very existence is now a mystery to thee. " -from 'The Bacchantes' By Euripides During times of universal deceit, telli

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