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 To The Tea Party (And Related Organizations)
Geschrei 719 posts, incept 2009-02-23

And that's the problem, MayorQ - even a middle-aged traditionalist conservative Christian like myself is turned off by "vote for us because we love Jesus" approach - even on those exceedingly rare occasions when it's not just a cynical ploy to 'energize the base'.

The unfortunate truth is, if we don't get our house in order IMMEDIATELY, none of the social issues will have any meaning - because we will no longer have a means to address them politically. Unfortunately, that seems to be the direction in which we're headed, Tea Party or no Tea Party.

Beck's managed to get the message of fiscal responsibility out there a few times, but this whole thing yesterday was a huge egomaniacal overreach IMHO.

"Useful idiots remain useful only for a short while - but they're idiots forever." Geschrei, 2021
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