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2021-10-16 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Other Voices , 1313 references
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If you take these jabs, or God Forbid take a booster, you are taking a jab from a bunch of con-men and women.

They lied.

They didn't say "we believe", they made statements of fact, they conned you by doing so, and those statements were.....









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2021-10-13 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Other Voices , 1533 references
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Ed: From the ever-irreverent Ishmael..... 

Ally:  Whoever acts in a way that furthers your cause. 

What action do you want to take? 

Strikes and quitting jobs are the last peaceful means left before the guns and gasoline come out.  If the right 10% of Americans quit, the ones who move people and freight around the country, clown world would disappear in a week.  Even idiots in D.C. will understand when their grocery store shelves are bare.  When planes and trains don’t move, they’ll get it.

Those folks have the ability to end it the quickest, but what about everyone who doesn’t work in transportation?  Same thing, strikes and walkouts work.  Twenty percent of the workers at any job do 80% of the work.  If you’re in the 20%, you leaving throws things into chaos.  Oh, the company might not realize it for a while since many have a lot of vacation and sick leave to burn before slamming the door.  Companies who pontificated how replaceable everyone is are going to find out the hard way they’re wrong.

Oops.  When 80% of the money and productivity walk out the door they can’t import an H1B or hire a recent college grad.  Training? Forget it.  The company is stuck with a huge, gaping knowledge hole and the only one capable of training the replacement walked out the door!

Don’t have one of those sexy jobs?  You might be part of the 20% and not realize it.

This could be as simple as being the only person who knows how to order supplies in a timely manner or does all the little things everyone takes for granted but no one knows exactly who does it. The secretary throws sand into the gears on her way out because a design engineer has to figure out how to order post-its.  

And God help you if the person who walks is in payroll. 

Whoever you are, you have the ability to bankrupt the company.

Who are your allies?  What pool of people out there are most likely to act along with you (striked and quitting)?

Some allies are obvious:  folks in the “ain’t no way, no how, no body jabbing me,” crowd are natural allies.  Their actions perfectly align.  Jab mandate?  Good-bye, and the door will not hit them on the way out.

Some people got the first round of clot shots, but don’t believe in mandates.  If they strike or walk, they’re allies.  Some will, some won’t.  If they are supportive, they aren’t enemies, which counts for something.  

Some want you to take the jab because they did.  These are not allies.  They range from idiots to true believers.  Don’t engage with idiots. Don’t explain how to pour water out of a boot, they’ll never acknowledge the boot or water exist.  Save your energy for the enemy: the true believer. 

There’s the pool of potential allies.  Looks pretty shallow:  purebloods with ****-you money and maybe a few sympathizers.  Remember the 20% rule and don’t lose hope.

But wait purebloods, there is another group of natural allies:  Those who got ****ed by the vax and survived (so far).

People whose loved ones face expensive health problems are going to sit this one out. The parent who was “so proud” of their kid for getting the clot shot only to have him end up in the ICU with a heart attack?   They are going to do whatever it takes to pay for the best treatments possible, including ****ing themselves up the ass to keep their insurance. 

These are not the allies.

The working adults who got screwed by the vax are.  Screwed. Hospitalizations, cancer, autoimmune disorders, permanent disabilities.  Not sick for three days, screwed by life altering side effects.

Why are they allies?


The act is “not working.”  

The person with a seizure disorder?  Their life is over.  They can’t drive, they can’t work.  They can’t even live on their own anymore.  What’s more, their loved ones may now have to quit their jobs to take care of them.  Stroke?  Same thing.

If the vax fairy bestowed cancer, will they be able to work?  Will they want to?  Or will they start ticking items off their bucket list, knowing they don’t have much time left and refuse to spend it in a soul sucking job?

Welcome to the general strike, ally!

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