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2018-07-20 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 109 references
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There's a load of BeeEss flying around about boys in blue who are being lauded as "heroes" for their actions in apprehending a couple of thugs.

Watch the video.

I don't see heroes -- I see felons committing multiple serious criminal acts of malfeasance and felony negligence.

Repeatedly driving with one hand to repeat the obvious multiple times (e.g. "shots fired") in traffic, during a pursuit is the very definition of reckless driving.  That alone is a criminal offense.

But then it gets much worse because that cop plays Hollywood Movie and shoots through his windshield.

Anyone who has any knowledge of ballistics would never do that.  The reason is simple -- the glass will alter the trajectory of the round and the degree of deflection is then magnified by the distance from the windshield to the intended target.

In other words you cannot aim at someone through a windshield in your car when the intended target is orders of magnitude further away from the windshield than you are and have that actually be "aimed fire."  It is random fire and randomly firing a weapon is the very definition of a negligent and felonious discharge of said weapon.

It does not matter if you had a legitimate target or not because your rounds are not aimed at him or her.  If you are chasing someone who is shooting at you and you randomly fire your weapon, not aiming at the perpetrator but rather shooting literally at random, you are still a felon irrespective of whether the other person is a felon too.

Second, when said cop took both hands off the wheel to fire with his (presumed) "strong hand" out the window that also was not aimed fire, never mind the outrageous reckless operation of his vehicle during that time.  His shooting in that instance in the video was nothing different than the thug who turns a gun sideways; it is by definition random fire and thus felonious in that it is grossly negligent.

How is it that we live in 2018 and yet with MDTs in every car, which you can see in this cop car, the officer has to tell the dispatcher where he is and to do so he must key a microphone that requires taking his hands off the wheel?  What sort of horse**** is this where the vehicle is not set up to automatically and continually report position by GPS whenever the lights and/or siren are engaged so the officer can pay attention to not ramming the other vehicles on the road, or being rammed by them, while he engages in his pursuit?

I get it -- he got the bad guy.  Ok.

But that doesn't change a thing.  The shots he fired were reckless and intentionally so as was his operation of the vehicle during the pursuit.  All of those are criminal offenses and those that involved the use of a firearm were felonies.

Yeah, the bad guy needs to go to prison.  But there was more than one bad guy -- the cop who played Hollywood was the other one, and he too needs to face charges for that outrageous display.  Had that been you or I we'd be sitting in jail right now facing multiple felony indictments and it must be the same for the so-called "boys in blue" when they outrageously endanger the public, as was the case here.

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2018-07-19 13:00 by Karl Denninger
in POTD , 45 references

With a nice, special price -- an original piece of art!

Email for more information -- or read here!

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2018-07-19 08:02 by Karl Denninger
in Social Issues , 225 references
[Comments enabled]  

So yeah, this is what we are told we must embrace.

We must not deride it.

We must not consider it odd, strange, perverted or anything of the sort.

Caitlyn Jenner is pictured at the 2018 ESPY Awards alongside her rumored girlfriend Sophia Hutchins, 21.

The 68-year-old former Olympian sported a black velour knee-length dress with black pumps as she hit the red carpet at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Uh huh.

A nearly 70 year old "dating" a 21 year old.  Right.  This is an equals power relationship, right?  Especially when the older is both rich and famous while the younger was apparently first met when a college student.

Oh, and "Sophia"?  Uh...... no, not really.

Two "ladies", right?  Uh, no, those are not two lesbians getting along.

It's two guys folks -- two gay men.  That's what you factually have here.

Oh, and Scott is the age of Bruce's second-youngest child.  Which, I remind you, is a pattern that gay men do frequently exhibit (then again it's not exactly uncommon for heterosexual men to like younger partners either!)

As adults both of these men are free to make whatever choices they wish.  But those of us who have children (say much less just those of us who have no desire to cut off this or that body part) have every right to look at this pair of individuals as well beyond the "ordinary" thing that you often see with some "older dude" dating a younger woman.

I see plenty of that crap around here; 60 year old dudes with a big fat penis extender (in the form of a nice expensive boat) with a 20-ish cute, big-breasted (probably artificial) girl traipsing around on same.  I've even come around a corner in my much more-modest vessel and seen two horizontal snakes playing on the cushions in said go-fast right out in the open.  It's not exactly uncommon but nobody with more than 2 nickels of intelligence to rub together has any trouble identifying what is going on and said fat balding bastard probably stuffed 6 Viagras down his throat too.

How do you deflect comments like "you're a predatory piece of ****" -- or worse?

Claim to be "trans" and thus "protected" from such criticism and people spitting in your direction when they see you.

Well, guess what -- I don't recognize such "protection" and you're a piece of ****, Bruce.

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Nobody who is sane would argue against using advanced scientific techniques to catch someone who rapes and murders a child.

An Indiana man confessed Sunday to the 1988******and murder of an 8-year-old girl after investigators linked evidence found on the child's body and in a series of creepy notes sent after the killing to DNA samples extracted from used condoms in the suspect's trash, court documents showed.

The cops got the "lead", presumably, by using one of the "public" DNA database systems (e.g. 21 and me, etc.)  This in turn led them to look at this guy's trash because they were able to narrow the potential matches to a small number of people, which they needed no warrant for (he threw it out voluntarily) and in there they found used condoms.  From that they were able to nail him conclusively.

What keeps the cops from doing this for something as routine as a traffic ticket is that it's relatively expensive and time-consuming.  That will not be the case for very long.

It is nearly a Holy Grail sort of thing for marketers and other business folks to find a near-zero-cost and fast means of instantly identifying someone with exacting specificity.  Doing that allows taking gross advantage of you in terms of what's marketed to you and at what price, yet it is allegedly "color blind" and thus does not, by definition, raise "discrimination" questions.

The problem is that the technology to do this isn't far off and a whole lot of people not only subject themselves to it voluntarily they also screw everyone in their family at the same time, who did not consent, because there is enough of a match between family members who share one or both parents to narrow the list of possible matches to a few people.  As such if anyone in your family consents to such a service by uploading their DNA everyone in that family, including those not yet born of the same people, inevitably has their privacy impacted without any possibility of consent.

Of course the visceral reaction when a scumbag like this guy gets caught is to cheer -- loudly.  He got away with raping and murdering a kid 20 years ago, or so he thought.  20 years later, he's busted -- conclusively so.

The problem isn't with using technology like this to catch rapists and murderers like this.  It's that as technology advances the cost of such isolation of one person out of a possibly field of billions will drop from both a lot of time and money to effectively zero time and fractions of a cent.

At that point there will be exactly nothing you can do as any hint of privacy, anywhere, will have been irrevocably destroyed. 

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2018-07-18 13:00 by Karl Denninger
in POTD , 69 references


Cities are cool..... and this is one of Sarah's pieces depicting places she has visited.  Email now to put this unique, one-of-a-kind on your wall!

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