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2021-05-13 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 399 references
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Just wondering, you know.

Colonial's pipeline is allegedly being restarted.  That's nice.  Who's asking why that company is still in business and why we have one firm, with no regulation or oversight, that is responsible for basically the entire fuel supply in the Northeast part of the nation!

Excuse me?

Oh, it's just gas.  Really?

You do realize that without fuel nothing moves.  Not airplanes, not trucks, and not cars.  Would you like some groceries?  That's nice; how do you think they get to the store?  Walmart, for some clothes, or whatever?  Same.  Air freight of all sorts?  How do you do that when there's no fuel to fill the plane or truck back up after it brings your stuff -- or people?

Oh, that's an inconvenience.  Is that so?

Why is your water from the tap safe to drink?  You do realize that the chlorine dioxide (most-often used) or just chlorine itself (somewhat less-often) must be delivered by truck to your local water department, right?  What do you think happens if it runs out?

Same on the other side; flocculants and similar are used on the sewer side.  No capacity to process sewage?  That's a bummer.

Electricity?  I like my wall switch.  When I push it the lights come on.  You like that too, I suspect.  What if there are no trucks to bring the chemicals used to balance the water in the boilers -- oh, you didn't know they needed that -- or the parts to repair something that has broken?

Biden and others assure us we'll have "green energy."  How's that working out about right now?  Exactly how do you intend to replace the diesel truck or aircraft -- and with what do you think you will power them?

Where do those solar panels come from you dream of?  Slave labor in China; literal slave labor.  We haven't known about that for years, have we?  Oh wait - we have; many, many companies that are all listed on our stock exchange and, I remind you, have had very nice price increases.  Gee, the cheapest labor is priced at zero, is it not?

Why else make them in China?  Well maybe because producing them is (1) energy intensive and (2) involves all sorts of nasty process chemicals which, in the US, you must properly neutralize, recycle or dispose of.  In China?  Blow it out the smokestack or dump it in the river.

Then we have the I-40 bridge at Memphis.  An obvious steel structural fracture.  Notice all the corrosion in the pictures near there?  Was it investigated..... and when?  This doesn't look like a break that happened a couple of days ago.  What has the overload (transfer of load) to other structural members done to the rest of the bridge?  What was its original design life and load rating?  Have either been exceeded without proper engineering support?  How do you think they intend to fix this, given that all the other structural members that took the load have now likely been overstressed?  How will they be able to determine if they have, and if they have (they probably have), now what?  Are there any actual engineers in the nation left or were they all diversity-promoted in college and hired on the same basis?  Fortunately there is another bridge in the general area not far away.  Unfortunately using only one of the two means traffic is going to be, well.... nasty.

They're freaked out enough about this bridge and that break to stop all river traffic too, you know.  That means it's not just the vehicles on the bridge that pose a problem -- they're concerned it may not support its own weight and could collapse without warning into the river.

The river in question isn't very important, is it?  It doesn't carry a hell of a lot of barge traffic with a bunch of "stuff" that we all would like to have available to us, does it?  There's a nice convenient way around what is now an effective blockade of said traffic, right?  Oh wait -- there isn't?

How long will that take to resolve?  Does anyone have even a poor guess?  I don't.

Just-in-time inventory management eh?  All coming from China, Taiwan, wherever.

How's that all working out about now, and are you learning anything about how quickly things can go to Hell when even one little private company has a problem?  How well do you think you'd deal with this if the Colonial pipeline was shut down for two or three weeks given how "nice" it all was when it was just a few days, wasn't it?

How many more of these critical infrastructure issues have been ignored in the name of stock prices and scams?

Now there's something to think about.

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2021-05-05 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 1163 references
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Oh, look at this:

Beyond safety, requiring mandatory vaccinations also allows us to set an example for those who are hesitant to get vaccinated. Leaders at all levels have championed the vaccine and are taking action to educate people who are reluctant to get vaccinated. By mandating vaccines, healthcare institutions will show the world that we trust the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, and inspire others to follow.


You inspire women to consent to sex by putting a gun in their face and demanding they take off their clothes?

Let me give you a piece of advice: Shoving a gun in anyone's face, which is what a mandate is, generates no confidence at all.  It does, however, generate a whole bunch of other things, including revulsion, hatred or even justified retribution.

In addition you're not immune from lawsuit, nor is your institution.  Pfizer is, but you are not.  Sucks to be you if and when one of your staff members is badly hurt or killed by taking the shots.  Maybe it hasn't and won't happen but that liability is open-ended and permanent for both you personally and your institution.  Further that liability is civil so no, it doesn't have to be proved the shot was the cause -- just more-likely than not in the opinion of the jury.  It's not like you don't have a very nice building and institution there that looks like some awfully-deep pockets to go raid if someone dies or perhaps worse, is permanently disabled from taking said shot, right?

And it's not like social media isn't awash in people who have had that happen already and are all over GoFundMe and elsewhere begging for money as they've been hit with half-million dollar medical bills and aren't done -- right?  If that's a result of an entirely voluntary decision then it's of course on them no matter how foolish but if it's a result of a mandate well, who gets to pay for that Marc and how do you think that will end for you and your hospital when, not if, it winds up in court?

Because it will end up in court and you will be named as Defendant, both personally and corporately.

Perhaps your threat to fire anyone who won't submit is an empty one.  We'll see. Maybe your legal department has explained all of this to you and you're waving your arms around making noise, publishing OpEds because you know damn well that you're so far out on the legal ledge 300' up that your greatest fear is that someone is going to come along with a chainsaw.  Perhaps the gun you claim to be shoving in people's faces, in other words, isn't actually loaded and you know damn well it's empty.  Perhaps the real reason you published the OpEd is that the other medical center across town is not mandating anything, you asked and were told to go to Hell and you're scared that the best talent will quit and go work there, eviscerating the quality of your services.  Is that really what this is about; another illegal, 15 USC Chapter 1 monopolist trick to go along with all the other ones damn near every medical center in the US have gotten away with for the last 30 years? 

Perhaps given that bombastic bluff you'll "win" in that everyone who works for you will either quit or knuckle under and every other medical employer in the area will go along with your screed as well.

But perhaps one or more will not.

If even one employee refuses then you are forced into a no-win scenario.  You can either not fire them in which case you are exposed as a hypocrite and liar, resulting you being pilloried for your "principled" stand that is exposed as nothing more than bluster and bull**** or you can fire them and get to find out if you really are on sound legal ground if one or more of them sues.  I wish you the best of luck with that, given that the law is quite clear that coercion cannot be applied or the EUA is void as it was issued on the condition that all persons receiving said shots give informed consent.  If you administered a shot to someone of an unlicensed and unapproved product because your actions voided the EUA for that person then you are in exactly the same position as a rapist who claims his victim "consented" because he didn't have to tear her clothes off since she took them off "voluntarily" after he displayed the gun.

I'll bet that argument plays real well in front of a jury.  I'll enjoy watching you and your hospital get shredded if and when you attempt it, particularly when the plaintiff's first exhibit is the CDC's VAERS chart showing that on a doses-given basis 100 times as many people have died associated with these injections as with the seasonal flu shot, which is also preferentially given to older, sicker Americans.

Never mind that it just takes one medical center that understands the next paragraph to drain all of your talent that can actually think -- you know, the people who make your "medical center" worth going to if you have some sort of need -- and leave you with the most-stupid, arrogant twits who can't think their way out of a paper bag.  That could end up badly too; who wants to go see the "doctor" who got a D- in med school when you can see the one who got an A across town?

The "necessity" argument you attempt to raise is a loser both in fact and on logic since anyone who wants a shot can now have one.  As such the idea of "protecting the public" is a damnable lie since the only people who are at said risk, whatever it may be, are those who choose to be at said risk exactly as someone who eats themselves into a 300lb blob willfully chooses to be at heightened risk of stroke, heart attack, diabetes and more.

I wish you the best of luck with your argument in court because frankly, as a former CEO who would never contemplate putting myself and my firm in that sort of legal box I think you're going to need it.  Never mind that if I ran a hospital there I'd be actively attempting to raid every single one of your best employees -- right here, right now with the intent of making you broke the old-fashioned way.

And may God have mercy on your soul if any of your staff members suffer permanent harm or worse as a result of your coercion.

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and so is all credibility for both Biden and Trump administrations when it comes to Covid and public health in general.  Said credibility will not be regained for years, perhaps decades, until and unless people are held to account -- which is very unlikely.

It will not be long before the TSA will have no choice but to lift their "mask mandate" as well, as will all other federal and state agencies.

Those who were foolish enough to listen to them despite the few, such as myself, warning that the science was actually on the other side for all these mandates and the shots will be stuck with the consequences.

There might be a few fathers left in this country.  Maybe.  If so it is my sincere hope that they hold people to personal account who inflicted these harms on their sons and daughters, of which there will be tens if not hundreds of thousands reasonably tied to these so-called "interventions", including the shots, in the current and coming years.

The ghouls involved did not give a crap about the law from the start.  The EUAs were flatly illegal because we knew by summer of 2020 that there were decades-old proved safe and believed effective treatments.  We didn't use them, on purpose, for the explicit reason that doing so would prevent these EUAs from being issued.  By deliberately lying the FDA, CDC and dozens of other organizations and individuals along with the corporate physician and hospital networks directly caused the death of hundreds of thousands of Americans who should not have died, and caused deliberate harm to hundreds of thousands more who are now left with what may well be a lifelong debilitating impact as a result of the scream-fest for "everyone" to go get these unproved and now-known-dangerous injections.  Nobody knows how bad, or for how long, those future disabilities and risk of death will be or for how long they will continue but that there is severe impact is now known; we are now down to trying to figure out how horrid.

The CDC still claims the spike protein in the shots is "harmless" despite three scientific papers dating to December stating otherwise, one of which is peer reviewed and another from Salk, with the first known published evidence of a problem dating back to September of 2020.  All were deliberately ignored and still are being ignored.

COVID-19 mRNA vaccines give instructions for our cells to make a harmless piece of what is called the “spike protein.” The spike protein is found on the surface of the virus that causes COVID-19.

The science says it's not harmless; it is in fact pathogenic.  The CDC is lying and as a result people are dying.

If you think this can remain "under wraps" and not get into the public consciousness you're wrong.  While the pharma firms may have legal immunity no private entity or public other entity does and the ambulance chasers will be out in droves to make the next $10 or $50 billion windfall asset-stripping colleges and their endowments, sports teams, concert venues and other commercial and government entities of every bit of flesh they can pick off.  Unfortunately the injured will get little or nothing after the lawyers get done, as has always been the case.

The destruction of these entities is both just and will happen, but it's nowhere near the end game or best of outcomes.  The best of outcomes, which we will also obtain, will be the complete destruction of any sort of trust, belief or other willingness to listen to so-called "public health" authorities for years or even decades into the future.

This is not a bad thing; they've been full of crap for decades, poisoning people slowly by advocating the consumption of a carbohydrate-rich diet, essentially cramming liquid milk into the gullets of children, many of whom are lactose intolerant to some degree and for which there is no evidence of benefit, calling "ketchup", which is mostly sugar, a "vegetable" and other similar outrages.  McDonalds and the rest of the fast food industry followed said "guidance" and stopped using beef tallow from their hamburgers to fry the potatoes; that switch alone has killed hundreds of thousands over the last few decades, as vegetable oils of this sort should never be consumed in any meaningful quantity.  They do not occur in nature in anything similar to what we consume today and every one of them has a horrid inflammatory profile.

We have an assistant secretary of "health" for the Biden Administration who in fact could not perform the simple task of looking downward toward the crotch to figure out what sex he/she/it was, and when disagreement with physical reality occurred reality was denied.  Think about that in the context of having previously sired children, which it appears Levine did, and then telling them later on that you don't believe you're their father as you deny being a man!  What sort of wildly crazy child abuse is that?  (I am assuming these are biological children, which is not clear -- but is a reasonable presumption given its former wife is indeed a woman.)  Do you think I'll listen to a single thing that comes out of Levine's mouth?  Likewise we have all manner of fat jackasses telling everyone else they must accommodate their personal lifestyle choice and the damage it has caused.  Certainly you have the right to eat yourself into a blob but you have no right to demand I pay for it either in money nor in restrictions on my lifestyle, such as lockdowns, masks and similar when you are at 1,000x the risk of being killed by a virus as someone who isn't wildly obese.  Indeed virtually all of the true excess risk from Covid is due to personal lifestyle choices.  Not all, to be sure, but then again while people do get hit by lightning in everyday life your decision to play golf in the middle of a thunderstorm does not make me responsible for the wildly-elevated risk of you becoming the Preacher in Caddyshack!

Every one of the ghouls who pulled this crap should spend the rest of their life in general population with the other inmates having full knowledge that they screwed not only old people but children as well.  Few to none will, which means that if there is to be justice it will have to come at the hands of the one or two remaining actual men in our society who lose a loved one, especially a teen-aged daughter who was coerced into stabbing an improperly-tested cocktail into their arm like a lab rat.  Maybe that will happen and maybe it won't; the story of the ages, of course, is that what should happen often doesn't.

But in terms of all the bullcrap being bandied about and the threats made that come down to "take the tard shot or else" forget it.  Those threats have no teeth and the people issuing them know it.  They know damn well that they are not immune from suit and the first young person who is coerced and dies creates a permanent liability for them and their entire family that can never be removed -- and which extends far beyond the boundaries of any courtroom.

If you get threatened then the bottom line is that you have a decision to make.  You can knuckle under or refuse.  If you refuse though do not quit or otherwise walk off in a huff -- instead make them fire you, expel you from college, or whatever.  Find a good lawyer.  Force these jackasses to answer for what we already know: In 2021 thus far 99% of all vaccine-associated deaths were from the Covid shots, while just one percent were accounted for by the more than one hundred other safe and effective vaccines in common use.  Stick this pie chart up in court and see how well the "defense" deals with it; since it's official government data they'll have all sorts of fun trying to refute it and fail.  Remember that in a civil suit you need only "more probable than not" to win, not "beyond reasonable doubt."  If your healthy young son or daughter expires after taking said shot as a result of being threatened with expulsion from or non-admission to college, or loss of their job, do you think a jury will side with you or with the smug corporate or university ******* who caused them to take said shot and die?  What if said young person is still alive but horribly disabled and can testify themselves as to the onset of their debilitation and proximity to the jab?


Yes, today the jury might not find your argument compelling as many of them are likely living in fear too but how about six months from now by the time you actually select said jury pool?  Ha! By then the illusion will have passed; too many people will either have had a family member or friend who had their life ruined or were killed outright by these things or know someone who did and the tide will have gone out, showing all of these ghouls to have been swimming naked.  Those who walk around with diapers on their face and who have their jab pictures on social media will be spending their days furiously trying to erase the evidence of their complicity lest they get tagged as someone who supported this mass-slaughter of innocents, never mind the Internet Archive which will make sure said proof never goes away.  Life insurers will probably finish off anyone's hope of having coverage at a reasonable price if they took the shot -- just desserts -- when the data comes in and makes the 20 year old who took said shot the same life insurance risk as a fat, diabetic 60 year old.  When that $20/month premium is $250 come talk to me about how "unfair" it is when you did it to yourself.  If and when this winds up being proved to be a blood supply risk and you need a pint maybe we'll finally have some of that $400 the hospital charges you go back into the pockets of people like myself who won't give it away -- but we might sell it for the right price, seeing as we're "clean" in that regard and half the nation is not.

All-in folks I'll go back to what I said in my 2021 prediction article, albeit it appears the mechanism is different.  Such is the business of prognostication; I said it wouldn't matter as we got into 2021, and it won't.  There is no way that the threats to "exclude" people who refuse the Covid shots will be realized; the data is damning already, and the trends are even worse.  From everything I can see the queues for shots are empty, they're closing "vaccine" centers for lack of demand and Biden is freaking out about the Military refusing, threatening to make it mandatory.  What could possibly go wrong with that given who has access to what and, given the record of stabbing servicemen with untested crap that severely injures them (which we have done in the past) do you really think people will accept that rather than say "**** you!" and force the issue?  Go ahead Xiden, do something really stupid.

Even the NY Post is asking the question:

Progressive politicians across the country assumed unique powers in the last year, took away personal freedoms, and destroyed livelihoods without saving lives, but they’ve still yet to admit their historic failures or be held accountable for committing them.

The public should ask why progressives should attempt to bring major change to the nation, let alone govern any state government, when they have failed families so starkly across the country.

Perhaps the public will go even further and ask why so-called progressives and their families should not lose their right to livelihood and even their freedom after deliberately ruining the lives of so many with exactly zero benefit to balance said harms.

We're now in the first week of May.  Those states that do not stop the stupidity well in front of the 4th of July, one of the busiest holidays, will simply send all the people in America to places like right here where they will spend money -- and where you need neither a mask or a jab.

From the dinner tables to the pool halls, bars and beaches of America three words are being belted out louder and louder with each passing day: **** you Karen.

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2021-04-25 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 391 references
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You'd think the media would be all over the fact that Maricopa County is doing a hand audit of the 2020 election results.

After all, we've been repeatedly told for months that there was no fraud, all those ballots were voted by actual people and the results are what they are.

Ok, so now we have a group of people who through legislative process as Senators in the State, are doing exactly what ballot retention laws are there to make possible: A full, hand audit -- not a machine recount -- of the results.

Why a hand audit?  Because it's the only way you can reasonably detect things like alleged mailed-in ballots with no creases in the paper, which is hard, forensic proof they were not mailed back in the required envelope, which cannot accept the ballot unless it is folded, as just one example.

So where is the national media on this?  Absent.

There are a few reports from state and local media, such as here, but no widespread national coverage.

There should be, and it should go well beyond the transparent propaganda of the Beelzebezos "may it hurt" Post.

Among other things Democrats brought in national folks like Perkins Cole to try to stop it with a last-minute lawsuit asking for an injunction.  The Judge wasn't having it, demanding a $1 million bond to get the injunction protecting the Senate and county from any costs associated with such a delay.  The Democrats freaked out at the surety bond requirement and thus the counting began.

The Democrats' claims in this regard are patently absurd; there is no personal integrity risk in hand-auditing ballots since once separated from any mailed-in envelopes it is impossible to know who cast what ballot.  As such it's flatly impossible for there to be a privacy issue; it simply can't happen.

The Democrats also argue that "conspiracy buffs" are involved in the audit.  Again, so what if they are?

Whether you believe in conspiracies of various sorts or not the facts are what they are.  There are three persons doing each ballot examination.  There are two cameras recording each counting station; one above and one at table level.  The record will be preserved, and it is what it is.

Yes, I know, machine recounts have been performed.  So what?  A machine recount just counts the paper that's there.  Who's examined the provenance of the paper?  Nobody, on a comprehensive basis.  "Random" samples were examined?  Prove the samples were random and comprehensive enough to catch anything hinky.  The margin of victory in question here is some 10,000 votes, and this one county alone is more than 2 million votes.  Less than 1% is all it takes.

The entire reason that laws require the retention of all election materials for extended periods of time is exactly this; if someone wants to challenge the integrity of the physical paper itself, and is willing to fund the effort, no matter who they are and no matter how kooky they appear, the premise of fair and free elections requires that this and all similar efforts go forward.  They're writing the check, there is no privacy issue that can be implicated as a cast ballot cannot be linked to a specific person, so what's the problem?

Anyone should be able to demand and do this in any jurisdiction of the United States, anywhere -- so long as they're willing to fund the cost including the required chain-of-custody security.  Exactly nobody, in a free society with allegedly fair elections, should ever be required to accept "trust us."  Nope.

If there's no hinky compromise to be found, then there is not.  You can't make what's not there appear out of whole cloth.

So why would the Democrats care if some group, no matter their motivation, blow a lot of money on something that they know is a waste of time because there as nothing wrong with the ballots, no systemic fraud existed, and nothing that shouldn't have happened to skew the results did?

Don't you like it when your opponent does stupid things and wastes money?  Of course you do.  That which they waste on stupid things they can't spend on smart things -- like calling your governing record out prior to the next election and trying to eject you at the ballot box.

Give me just one valid reason with a fully legitimate, no games played and no fraud election that you would not want these crazy conspiracy theorists to blow a huge pile of money on a worthless venture?

Just one reason.

Why is it that all I hear is crickets.......

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2021-04-24 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 311 references
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I'm done with the racial pimp bull****:

Knoxville, Tennessee, saw a second night of protesting Thursday in reaction to the recent shooting death by police of high school student Anthony Thompson Jr.

Wednesday’s first night of unrest followed the release of police bodycam footage of the incident and the Knox County district attorney’s claim that a police officer’s use of deadly force was justified.

The video showed Thompson, 17, was carrying a gun when he was shot in a school restroom, the Knoxville News Sentinel reported.


"This has been going on too long, and we are here to say, ‘Enough is enough,’" the Rev. Calvin Skinner, a local faith leader, told Thursday’s gathering, according to the newspaper.

Thompson was the fifth student of Austin-East Magnet High School to die by gunfire in 2021, the report said.

And all but this one happened not in the school.

This one happened in the school because he brought a gun into the building and drew it.

Why have five students died by gunfire from that school in 2021?  Because they are thugs, that's why.

Why is this guy dead?  Because he drew a gun in a school and refused to surrender to the police, that's why.

The rule for firearms is simple: You do not draw unless you intend to immediately shoot.

If you draw then it is reasonably presumed you intend to shoot.  If you're ordered to surrender, and don't, while armed with a drawn weapon you must be presumed to be prepared to use it on whoever is ordering you to surrender.

If you're arguing that a person who shoots said person under those circumstances is not justified you're lying; that is not murder, manslaughter or any such thing.  It is commonly called justifiable homicide which is the nice, legal way of saying "he needed to be shot and thank you for doing it."

This has nothing to do with race except for the racial pimps who keep pushing this bull****.

So I have a suggestion for all the people who want "reform" of the police who twice in the last few days have shot someone who clearly had it coming, in one case literally in mid-stroke as she was about to stab another person.

Those of us who are decent human beings must tell the communities in question they have two options:

1. Expel these race pimps and do not allow them into your community to grandstand, protest and more.


2. You settle your differences on your own; **** you, we're not coming except to collect the bodies so they don't present a health hazard decaying on the street.

You don't want the "girl" about to stab another with a knife, literally in mid-stroke to be shot, saving the intended victim's life?  Fine; we won't come.  Maybe she'll just stab one other person, maybe she's turn four or five into fillet.  We will come pick up the dead bodies and dispose of them, but nothing more.

You don't want the "boy" who brings a gun into school and then refuses to surrender when cornered from where he cannot escape, and who draws said weapon and has it out in his hand?  Fine, we won't come.  We'll let him shoot whoever he wants to and will bring a bunch of black bags for the bodies, but otherwise he can have at it.

You don't want the dude who is selling fentanyl and meth all over town to be arrested before he gets into a gunfight with another dude doing the same thing over who's corner it is, and because they're both ****ty marksmen one of them "accidentally" shoots an uninvolved black 5 year old girl while they're trying to shoot each other?  Fine, we won't come.  They can shoot it out whenever and wherever they want; we'll come with a black bag for the dead 5 year old girl and all the dead junkies who OD too, but otherwise they can all have at it.

I'm done with this **** and I've changed my posture as I previously pointed out which was quite simple: If you're stabby I'm shootie to stop you.

Not anymore.

I have no duty or legal obligation and you can neither prosecute or sue me if I watch Miss Stabs-a-lot go to town on that other girl, so guess what -- I'm walking right on by and I'm advocating that the cops do the same thing.

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