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2019-07-15 18:28 by Karl Denninger
in POTD , 48 references

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2019-07-15 08:05 by Karl Denninger
in Musings , 193 references
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"I'm an anti-fascist" -- He's a fascist.  In fact he'll beat you with a baseball bat or shoot you if you disagree with him.

"I'm for drug price reform!" -- He wants the drug companies to screw you up the ass.

"Medicare for all!" -- Actual medical care for noneMedicare Taxes for all.

"I care about children deeply!"  -- On his zipper and up theirs!

"I.... did.... not... have.... sex... with... that... woman!" -- I got a knob-job from her under my desk.

"Drugs, if abused, might destroy your life!" -- Therefore I'll arrest you and throw you in prison for having them, which will destroy your life.

"Inflation is low and controlled" -- In anything you don't actually need, like a television.  In those things you do need (food, medicine, car insurance, etc) prices have been doubling every 5 years or less.

"Wage gains are strong." -- Government deficits are rising faster; in real terms you're losing.

"I'm for the common people" -- She's all for you getting butt-raped, that is.

"You cling to your guns and are dangerous" -- He wants those guns so he can shoot you -- or someone else can rob,******and murder you -- while you're defenseless.

"I'm pro-choice" -- Actually, you're pro-killing, seeing as there are 1 million-odd fetuses destroyed a year.

"Separating children from their parents is immoral" -- Only when the parent, who committed a crime, is an illegal alien.  When the parent is a US citizen then it's not only good it's expected because said "parent" obviously can't be bothered to obey the law while with their children.

"There is no such thing as an illegal." -- Uh huh.  Their first act in America was to violate the law -- and for most, it wasn't their last by a long shot; they go on to rip off people's identities, engage in criminal tax evasion, fraudulently access medical and other social services and when ordered to leave go on the lam, refuse to comply with the lawful orders of a court and hide.  Not that we should expect different from someone who's first act in the nation is to break the law.

"We're a great friend to the US" -- Except when we engage in illegal cartel behavior with our oil, or blast unarmed American ships, or participate in illegal price-fixing by our pharmaceutical companies.

"We support human rights" -- Can we go ask the Uyghurs about that face-to-face?  No?  Gee, I wonder why.

"That's an autonomous region!" -- Except for their elected officials and the laws in said region, of course.

"We're for free trade!" -- Starting with ripping off everything that's not nailed down, hacking your corporate computers and more.

"We're progressive!" -- Uh huh.  It's progress to enslave people in forcing them to give what they have to others?  It's progress to take over student lending and void bankruptcy options for those who borrow same?  It's progress to force people to pay someone else's medical bills?  It's progress to force girls in 10th grade to shower with boys in their locker room at school?  It's progress to force girls to attempt to compete in track with boys spouting a penis, testicles, and massively greater muscle mass as a result of their genetics?  It's progress to pass "people of color" in school or college who can't do the work?

Got it yet?

Just checking.

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2019-07-15 06:50 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 214 references
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Cut the crap Demonscats.

The people being rounded up and deported are those who already had due process.  They had a hearing and either didn't show up or were ordered to leave.  There is a final removal order out for them.

To repeat: They're on the lam, actively running from the law.  They had their due process and day in court.  They either did not appear (their choice) or appeared, were told to leave and refused (again, their choice.)

If I get arrested for something reasonably-minor yet a criminal offense -- such as a DUI -- and have a kid in my car I'm immediately separated from said kid.  This is exactly what ICE and CBP does with criminal invaders.

Those who wish to apply for asylum can come to a border facility and do so through legal channels.  Jumping the border is illegal and when arrested, you get separated from other people who you are with no matter who they are.

Indeed, as an American Citizen if I get busted for DUI with my kid in the car I'm almost-certain to lose custody of that child immediately and may lose custody permanently.  DFS will get called, said child will be taken, placed with either a family member or, if I don't have any, a foster family.  That happens to protect said child from me, since I'm obviously incapable of living life without committing a crime and putting said child at risk.

Again, these so-called "asylum seekers" can come through legal process and make their case.

They don't because they know they're going to lose.  We know this because more than 90% of them do lose; they either presented a claim for asylum that is bogus on its face (it is not cause for asylum) or they lied and got caught.

In addition a substantial number of these people presenting themselves as having "kids" with them have someone else's kid with them; they're not the parents.  These children are "human shields"; what do you think happens to them once they're inside the United States?  Those adults are not their relatives and don't give a wet crap about them; they're either "recycled" back into Mexico where they're abused again as another person's "free ticket" or worse, they're trafficked once here.  You think the latter is rare?  Go ask Epstein about that.

Your whining about "separations" is outrageous; if you commit a crime you will be separated from your children.  You should think about that before committing the crime.  You do not get to wave a child as a human shield before you after you commit said offense and especially not after you've had due process of law and lost your case.

Those who do so commit felony child abuse.  Those who suborn and cheer on such behavior should be charged as accessories before and after the fact and, if in Congress, be instantly censured and removed.

This manufactured outrage is not only ridiculous it's suborning felonies.  Indeed, we have at least one Demonscat Congressperson who allegedly has their staff coaching people in Mexico on how to lie their way into the United States and evade being removed.  That's a felony criminal offense and, in organized form, is racketeering.  No, being a Congressperson does not exempt you from the law.  Lock every one of those **********s up and throw away the keys.

As for people like AOC and Omar, **** them.  Trump is right, especially when it comes to Omar.  You want to lecture the United States?  Here -- have an AK47, go back to Somalia, your homeland, and take care of business.  Why should you be able to run away and bring your corruption here, including allegations you won't answer that you (1) committed immigration fraud personally and (2) claimed to be married to someone who you're closely related to and filed fraudulent tax returns in support of it.  There are major irregularities that have been uncovered in your taxes; what makes you think you can get away with that crap?  This is the very reason we should not admit anyone from such a HellHole to the United States; they should instead fix their own damn nation by whatever means are necessary instead of bringing that bullcrap here into our nation and demand that we put up with it.

My answer to that is simple: NO.

You don't like my answer?  Tough crap.

You want to try to enforce unconstitutional garbage and shove it down the people's throats?  Good luck.  I will cite history:

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

If you seek that point in history it is inevitable that you shall eventually find it.

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2019-07-14 15:47 by Karl Denninger
in Flash , 281 references
[Comments enabled]  

And it's not the right-wingnuts doing it either.

It's the "Antifa" left wingnuts:

69-year-old Willem Van Spronsen was shot dead by police after he threw Molotov cocktails at the building and nearby cars on Saturday morning.

According to his manifesto, a copy of which was obtained by Jack Posobiec, Van Spronsen was armed with an AR-15 and stated, “I am Antifa”.

The Antifa gun club he was apparently affiliated with in some way locked their account.


So now we have an actual attempted firebombing and, it appears, along with it a threat to commit a mass-shooting.  The assaulting party was shot dead after tossing incendiary devices at the center.

There are varying reports of exactly what they were; this article says "Molotov cocktails" but I have also read reports that they were road flares.  The latter, especially if combined with flammable liquids are nasty as road flares are full of magnesium which burns extremely hot and will go right through many containers (e.g. of propane) with the obvious expected set of results.

Where is the declaration of these organizations as official organs of terrorism and why isn't AOC, among others, held accountable for radicalizing these clowns?

PS: Yes, I know, it's PJW writing this.  Buuuuuttttt Jack Posobiec appears to have the actual manifesto, so..... yeah.  Blind squirrels and all that.

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2019-07-14 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Musings , 559 references
[Comments enabled]  

I'm sure you've heard about last night.

NYC had a transformer fire.  It happens, especially when you don't do things like maintenance, even if it's just looking around.  You don't notice that this one is rusty and leaking some of its cooling oil, or that one has connections to it that are running hotter than they should. Then bad things happen, like catching on fire.

60,000 people were plunged into the dark in NYC.

This was either a pure accident (unlikely) or deferred maintenance (almost-certainly.)  It wasn't an intentional act.  ConEd didn't have someone go down a manhole and blow something up.

But they could have had that happen.

This was one reasonably small transformer in one hole.  They fixed it, and the power comes back on.  Inconvenience, yes, but nothing catastrophic.

A few hundred dedicated men, willing to die in pursuit of making it really bad, could do exactly that.

They could at any time.

They could in your city.

They could in a number of cities at once.

And if they were as few as a thousand they could wreck most of the large cities in this nation -- leaving them without power and no way to recover for months -- or more.  Within days the mob of "diversity" would take care of the rest; months later there would nothing left to restore power to.

So long as those men were dedicated but not coordinating, there's literally no warning that anyone would have, nothing to interdict and nobody to bust before it happened.

Instead of a little transformer for which ConEd has many extras laying around the disruption could easily target things either in importance or number that there are no spares to cover with.

Many of these items are bespoke; they're very large, very expensive, and nobody keeps enough of them around to have an extra just laying in a back room somewhere.  If you have to order one it takes weeks or months to be built and shipped.  If there's another compatible unit somewhere it's hours or days away.  It frequently won't fit on a tractor trailer, at least not a "regular" one.  Sometimes it won't fit down the road it has to go down without closing it both ways -- very disruptive, very visible, and very easily interdicted when replacement is attempted.  One guy with a common hunting rifle can trivially put several holes in it from hundreds of yards away at which point that "replacement" is worthless too.  Yes, he'd be caught immediately but that doesn't make the holes disappear.

Then what?

To be sure anyone involved in such a thing will be hunted down.  You can bet on it.  They'll be Public Enemy #1.  I'll bet against them even getting a trial; they'll just be shot.

But that won't get the power back on.

Our cities of today are flat-out not survivable without electrical power.  Modern buildings have sealed windows; without powered ventilation they become intolerable within hours. Nobody climbs -- or descends -- 30 or 50 floors of stairs more than once.  Traffic cannot move without signals; there aren't enough cops to hand-direct traffic over anything beyond a modest area even if they weren't otherwise occupied -- and they would be.  Without street and building lights at night there's a mugger -- or worse -- around every corner.  You can't park, or get out of a parking garage; there are no lights, there is no way to process your money or print a ticket for your car.  Airports can't function; while critical functionality is backed up with generators for a while (e.g. ATC) the terminals are not, other than for emergency lights.  Ordinary business functions cease instantly; the corner store is closed immediately, nearly all ATMs stop working, the cash registers everywhere shut down and the subways do not run.  If you use the subway to get to and from work and are at work you're screwed.  All food store frozen and refrigerated cabinets violate safe temperature limits within a few hours; inside of 24 hours not only is the food rotting and worthless the stench, especially if there's fresh fish in there, would be unbelievable.  The downtown hotels can't check you in or make key cards -- not that you'd be willing to walk up 14 flights of stairs to your room.  Without booster pumps running any building more than 10 floors or so tall has no water; ~15psi of pressure is 33', more or less, and most utilities run in the 40-50psi range.  Beyond 100' above ground level unless the pumps run there's no water.  Many high-rises have tanks in a mechanical space near the roof for this very reason but when they're empty there's no way to refill them.  (This, by the way, is why there are standpipe connections on buildings; if there's a fire the in-building booster pumps may be compromised, and without them the firefighters can't get water up beyond the 10th floor or so to put it out!)  Without lift pumps and the ability to scavenge the sewers it's just a matter of time before flushing a toilet results in the street being filled with sewage -- or worse, backing up into the lower levels of the building.  While that infrastructure almost-certainly has diesel generator backup to run it you need fuel.  To get fuel you need clear and available roads or other means to bring it in.  How do you do that when the streets are impassably gridlocked?

Our cities of today have effectively no possible way to generate sufficient energy inside their borders.  The screaming lefties won't let local generation take place -- so it doesn't.  Most larger cities, such as Chicago, are lucky to generate a fifth of what they need within a defensible perimeter -- or less.  The rest comes from outside sources, and to get there it has to be carried on wires, regenerated on a routine basis if AC (due to phase lag it must routinely go through transformers with distance) and if DC then while there's no phase lag consideration there is conversion required on at least the consuming end and, unless produced by solar, on the generating end as well.

Even our smaller cities have shut down their municipal generation.  I know of several.  It used to be utterly common for a smaller city or town to have its own power plant.  I was shocked to learn these had all been mothballed or torn down as that means those "suburban" areas and smaller towns are also dependent on the "mega generators" somewhere else, and they're just as vulnerable as the big city is.  Some of them have argued cost, but most are yet another victim of the enviroweenie screamfest garbage.  Make that waste and smog there, not here.  No smokestacks -- where you can see them.  Where someone else's kids get poisoned?  No problem.

But your local municipal water tower must have power to pump that water up there and run it through its purification processes just like the big city with its larger pumps or you have no pressure in your tap.  It must also have a supply of disinfectant (typically chlorine or chlorine dioxide) to disinfect said water and maintain its safety while in the water mains and pipes or you can't drink it without boiling it first, and the chemical plant requires electricity.  If the water in your tap is not drinkable without being boiled first how are you going to boil said water and for how long can you do that?  If your water heater is electric with no power you have no hot water.  If you're on a well and have no power to your property that nice pump down the hole you paid $10,000 or more to drill is worthless. Your furnace or A/C does not run.  If you're not able to back that up with something that doesn't require electricity (e.g. a pot-bellied wood-burning stove), and it's cold outside, you're screwed.  If you have a propane tank you may think you're ok but you're wrong; the company that fills your tank has to have power in order to run the pump that fills the truck's tank and the same is true upstream from them!  Whatever you have in your tank at the time it happens is all you'll have until the power comes back.

"But the farms will be ok, so if you're out of the cities you'll be fine" you say.  Really?  What milks the cows?  What runs the pump that puts diesel into the tractor?  How about those irrigation systems you see all over the heartland -- do you think they run without power?  Are even smaller farming operations able to continue at all on the farm of today without electrical supply?  That small farm operation you think will be perfectly fine is almost always on a private well and septic -- and guess what the well needs to pump the water out of the hole?  Electricity.

When there is no hustle and bustle around starting a backup generator is like throwing red meat at starving dogs.  You'll be able to hear it from a mile away or more.  You and your lovely farmhouse may have a nice extended family with four or five people in it who can offer a decent degree of defensive firepower but against a hundred people who hear the generator and realize there's water available there you're going to be overrun or burned out of the house and die.  Oh by the way, you can survive for weeks without food but only a day or two without drinkable water.  If you think people won't immediately riot, loot, burn and kill over not having access to it you're very wrong.

There are plenty of people who scream about the possibility of another Carrington Event sort of thing.  I, personally, don't worry all that much about that specific issue.  Why?  Because we'll get plenty of warning and they'll shut the grid down.  Oh sure, the city will be dark for a day -- or a few.  But the gear won't be destroyed; they'll turn it off and ground all ends.  Bet on it.  That's the thing about space weather; like a hurricane for the most part we really can and do see it coming.

No, the real problem is more-likely to be human-caused than a natural phenomena.  I don't buy most of the doomer EMP scenarios; especially not one that would have an effect over a large swath of the nation.

But a small, dedicated and uncoordinated group of *******s?

That ought to keep you awake at night.

This time it was just bad luck, or the power company not paying attention to maintenance.

This time.

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