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User Info So What About Kavanaugh?; entered at 2018-07-11 12:26:28
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Registered: 2011-03-24 Washington, DC
Ee4fire: You're speaking of a Constitutional Convention... which, as KD and others have mentioned, would probably be even worse than a revolution...

There is a danger in a constitutional convention. There is also a danger in not pushing back against the socialist/communist faction that is determined to make us a socialist country and undermine our constitutional republic.

Also the Constitution requires 3/4 of the states and not the population. There are far more conservative or "red" states than "blue" states. I thinks the 2/3 for calling the convention is the easy part getting 3/4 to agree will be the battle.

Many blue states have state legislatures that are not as liberal as the governor or senators from those states. Virginia is one of those states where the legislature is more red than blue. Even though they have two democratic senators and democratic governor. California's legislature is full of socialists, but its voting power at a convention is the same as Wyoming.
2018-07-11 12:26:28