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User Info Got It Figured Out Yet?; entered at 2017-12-07 10:48:44
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Everyone wants to cluck and count here but the issue is far more serious than it appears at the surface. This is not just about women being harassed.

Exactly. People seem to divide the world into "my problem" and "not my problem". It doesn't work like that. There are no free lunches.

For example, the US had the highest prison population on the planet. We jail more people than China. And not on a per-capita adjusted basis. China, a totalitarian commie regime with four times as many people, puts fewer people in jail than good old freedom-lovin' brave America.

And people might admit that this is a problem, see, but it's not their problem. Which makes it not really a problem at all in their heads.

That's a nice story. Then there's math, which tells us we can't back a significant number of the labor pool out of the workforce and then pay top dollar to warehouse them in unproductivity without the economy feeling the effects. Newton's Third Law might as well be the secret to life.

Cost to lock a man up in CA for a year - $70,812

Cost to send man to Harvard for a year - $69,600

Both of those numbers are complete and utter bull****, but we're paying it right now. My word, aren't we just. Paying and paying and paying, and in return for what?

The market is so distorted right now, it's unreal. And yeah - I ascribe the majority of the distortion on people who want that free lunch. People think that as long as they benefit, it must be okay, it must be right. Alternately, as long as they aren't being directly harmed right this very second, they see no reason to stick their neck out for "someone else's problem". No benefit for them personally, you see.

Doesn't work like that. There are no free lunches. If we want to live in a civilized world, we must in turn be civilized. Being right or doing wrong must matter more than who you are or what you can (or cannot) do for people. Standing aside because it isn't our problem that people are being destroyed by mobs in truth means that we create a world where people are destroyed by mobs.

We live in this world too. There's nothing about creating a bad world that is going to pass us by. Everything has a cost.

2017-12-07 10:48:44