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User Info Prison for Rahm, God's Work And Many Others; entered at 2017-12-06 09:26:47
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The relationship between Americans and their politicians is like the relationship between a pimp and his prostitutes or a cult and its cult members. As related to the Stockholm syndrome,the survival instinct is at the heart of how people can be manipulated into identifying with the needs and agenda of the politicians and lobbyists who for all intents and purposes intend on butt ramming and screwing them.

Not only is their a positive bond between Americans and their Political leaders, there is a powerful negative attitude towards anybody, group or thing that threatens the agenda of their political leaders. Politicians and lobbyists know this and how to use the threat of American losing their resources. All I have to do as a politician is convince you that my opponent wants to take away your resources or freedom of access to those resources through taxation, regulations or lack thereof, or on the flip coin my policies will give you more resources or access to them by taxation, regulations or lack thereof, etc.

When you can put people's mentality into survival mode, they will not care if anybody else or other groups are getting screwed or butt rammed because they are happy that they are left alone to survive or flourish while others are left to getting butt rammed and screwed. That is why people could care less about monopolies taking over entire economic sectors or industries relocating from America to China giving them cheap TVs and other consumer goods at Walmart and Amazon.
2017-12-06 09:26:47