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User Info So When Are You Gonna Act, America?; entered at 2017-12-04 21:57:39
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My wife asked me why I've given up on participating. I was an activist - I ran for Attorney General of Oregon in 2004, not with the hope of winning, but trying to force dialog in a one-sided race. I had tremendous response, but only managed 6% of the vote. People said, "I love what you said about cutting back administrative regulations, but I'm a Republican, so I can't vote for you." The Democrats said, "I love your stance on cutting back on incarcerations and getting the corporations out of it, but I can't vote for you."

After the Tea Party got co-opted and corrupted and Occupy was vilified, I realized, as it appears Karl has, that we're past self-correction. We are now just coasting.

Personally, I'm just doing my thing, waiting for it to implode, at which point I'll be ready to expatriate. We travel out of the country with our young-teen kids, trying to expose them to life outside the US, but honestly, we have corrupted the culture worldwide, so it's hard to imagine where it will be 'safe' from the US implosion. I got nothing. I see people like Simon Black hawking expat consulting and I wonder if that's the way to go. I just need a few acres and a community. I don't need much beyond that. Dunno. We'll see.

I've been warning people since 2010 that the recovery is fake, fake money, rpinted dollars, but the market has made me a fool, and when it comes, they'll hopefully be safe. But they won't. No one will.
2017-12-04 21:57:39