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User Info So It's All OK With Obama, Hillary, Bill And Holder?; entered at 2017-12-03 22:58:20
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Registered: 2008-01-11
Americans collectively have Stockholm syndrome. Americans as a whole will excuse corruption and outright criminality from their oppressors ( Business, Medical and Financial Sectors, Political and Justice systems, etc) because they have a psychological alliance with their abusers. This happens in oppressive relationships as a survival strategy in which the victims hopes the oppressors develop Lima syndrome in which the oppressor experiences empathy towards their victims.

Obama, Clinton, Trumps, Republican Party, Democratic Party, etc, etc, can commit blatant frauds and falsehoods yet their cult followers will still passionately defend them because as in Stockholm syndrome Americans have a belief in the humanity of their leaders, thinking these people hold the same values as them. American keep voting these same Congressmen back into office no matter the obvious threat to the economic and financial well being of America this entails because they think they personally will be exempt from being a victim of the financial and economic assaults Congress continually makes upon 99% of Americans.
2017-12-03 22:58:20