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User Info So It's All OK With Obama, Hillary, Bill And Holder?; entered at 2017-12-03 17:50:32
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Registered: 2017-12-02
If you were my friend, robbed a bank, I found out about it then the FBI came and interviewed me and I tried to talk them out of going after you claiming that "he's a really good guy", then a few weeks later managed to fire the FBI guy doing the investigating my ass would rot in a federal person for 20 years -- and justly so. Hell, if I merely lied to said FBI guy I'd do hard federal time.

What if that FBI agent had previously taken you aside and appeared to threaten you with a dossier of lies that later turned out to be the paid oppo research of your political opponent? What if the agency was running a phony 'collusion' investigation on behalf of your political opponent based on her dossier including illegal political surveillance of you and your incoming administration?

Where's the collusion? With Nixon there was an underlying crime. Here Hillary's lies form the basis of a phony accusation passed to her cronies in the FBI.

Trump with 1st hand knowledge he didn't collude with Russia knows he's the subject of a corrupt, politically motivated investigation intended to remove him from office. The lead investigator into 'collusion' Peter Strzok has just been outed along with one of Mueller's top lawyers as a member of Hillary's 'resistance'. You can safely add McCabe and probably Comey to that club too.

The web of corruption here is deep. Trump is stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. The subject of a corrupt investigation with no basis but any attempt to even disarm it as head of the executive and he's accused of 'obstruction of justice'.

PS - long time lurker and admirer but feel deeply Trump is on the wrong end of a huge injustice so registered to vent my spleen.
2017-12-03 17:50:32