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User Info So It's All OK With Obama, Hillary, Bill And Holder?; entered at 2017-12-03 16:58:32
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It's not just this time. Think back 18 years when there was open lawlessness at all levels of government and the financial industry. The President of the United States openly sold the most sensitive defense technology to an adversary that he enriched through lopsided "free trade." That has enabled China, Korea, and now Iran to have the weapon systems they have always needed to threaten us on our soil.

NOBODY GIVES A ****, even though if the Chicoms or Norks make good on their threats, Seattle real estate might take a hit (gasp!)

I was living in rural Hawaii at the time, and was fairly insulated from what was happening. What little I knew of what was happening was appalling, and what was I telling everyone that would listen?

If not for the stock market running up double digits PER MONTH, these *******s would be in prison. Think back to the early 70s, when the president was elected, not by a plurality because an unstable third party entered the race, but by an overwhelming 49 state landslide. Within two years, you couldn't find anyone that would admit to voting for him, and he was out on his ass - dependent upon a presidential pardon. Why? Stock market was flat to down for years on end.

Nobody gives a **** because they are too busy counting their money. Politicians have to know that when the markets are up, they can do whatever they want. Outright fraud in the financials? No problem, PROVIDED the markets go up. We only care when they go down.

I've said this since the beginning of TF, and am convinced of it more than ever, this clown show won't end until the markets go down AND STAY DOWN. Whitey McWhite only cares about his ability to live in style and retire. Sell out his kids and grandkids to immigration, free trade, and institutionalized lawlessness and fraud? No problem, so long as he gets his retirement home on the beach or in the hills, and enough money to insulate himself from the mess he allowed.

We had the chance in 2008, but didn't do it because of the resurgent stock markets and home prices. There was an ONION piece at that time that stuck with me, and the subject was that Americans wanted a new bubble to speculate themselves to wealth.

That was satire that was more truth than the truth.

If we go to the numbers listed on the Ticker masthead, Whitey McWhite will FINALLY care about everything and attempt to right the ship, but only once he realizes that those numbers are here to stay.
2017-12-03 16:58:32