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User Info So It's All OK With Obama, Hillary, Bill And Holder?; entered at 2017-12-03 14:19:55
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Registered: 2007-08-26 East Tennessee Eastern Time
If that's the case then I think it's time for me to go find a nice secluded piece of dirt somewhere, put up a fence with "The hell with the dog, beware the owner!" and "Live fire rifle practice takes place on this property at all hours of the day and night; DO NOT ENTER" signs all over the place, buy a few chickens and goats and live out whatever time I have left with me, myself and I, saying "**** you" to everything and everyone.

Not that I think you'll need the help, but if you need an extra pair of hands to get any of it up and going - let me know. Particularly if you end up anywhere near me.
2017-12-03 14:19:55